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Research activities School of Applied Linguistics

The latest publications and projects from the School of Applied Linguistics.



  • Creative Agility – How art-based strategies transform digital and analog communication in organizations

    As part of the EU-funded Erasmus+ project "Creative Agility", the ZHAW, together with adult education partners from Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria, is exploring how art-based strategies transform digital and analog communication in organizations. The aim of the project is to develop a curricular training concept ...

  • To be liked or not to be liked – what makes a photo interesting?

    Photos are a wonderful medium in corporate and science communications to showcase what faculty, staff, and students do at the ZHAW. But which photos are interesting and which are not? The aim of our project is to better understand the aesthetic and semantic characteristics of the photos in relation to the academic ...

  • NPO Journey to volunteers

  • Machine translation for academic texts

    The project consists in developing a prototype for a ZHAW neural machine translation system trained on academic texts. Freely accessible systems such as DeepL and Google Translate are not specifically trained on scientific texts and therefore often present issues regarding terminology, text cohesion, pragmatics and ...

  • Digital Literacy Skills in University Context

    Writing in most contexts today is done with digital, computer-assisted support. Technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) such as intelligent tutoring (IT), automated writing evaluation (AWE) and machine translation (MT) present new opportunities, perspectives, and risks for tertiary education. The ...