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Funding instruments for research collaboration with India

The funding instruments available for research collaboration with partners in India are: bridging grants, symposia & workshops, mobility grants, Academia-Industry Training.

Switzerland’s research collaboration with partners in India is based on the Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme (ISJRP), founded in 2005 by the two countries’ governments to promote bilateral research cooperation in areas of mutual interest. The ISJRP supports research that brings together faculty and students from Switzerland and India.

The ISJRP is financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) and the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) on the principle of matching funding. A national steering committee oversees the programme management. Representatives from both countries gather in Joint Committee Meetings every two years.

Bridging grants

Bridging grants offer Swiss researchers who have already successfully completed a project with a partner in South Asia or Iran the possibility to continue joint research in order to prepare a grant application for a full joint research project (e.g. through the Swiss National Science Foundation, EU funding or a national or regional funding body). Bridging grants may also enable the intensification of joint teaching or curriculum development.

Symposia & workshops

The Leading House will organise symposia in order to explain and, if required, refine the academic focus area of an upcoming call. Symposia will be closely coordinated between the Leading House and the foreign partner agencies. The Leading House will provide information about planned symposia as soon as this is available.

Workshops and conferences need to be initiated and organised by Swiss researchers in collaboration with partners in the South Asia and Iran region according to their mutual interests and needs.

Detailed information about this funding instrument will be published shortly.

Mobility grants

Mobility grants enable the young generation of scientists (i.e. those with a Master’s degree but no PhD yet and with not more than 6 years of professional research experience) to integrate in international collaboration. They help to build up new partnerships through personal contacts and thereby make such partnerships more sustainable.

Mobility grants are aimed at attracting young talent to Switzerland, and they encourage Swiss researchers to enhance their careers by spending time in an academic environment abroad.

Academia-Industry Training

Academia-Industry Training allows young scientists to validate their innovative concepts in direct contact with business representatives in Switzerland and India. The objective is to enable researchers to gain a better understanding of the potential market viability of their research concept and thereby allow them to refine their concept accordingly.

In addition, it allows them to develop their own entrepreneurial skills, which can be an asset if they choose to start up their own business.

For detailed information and registration, please visit its webpage.

Stay informed

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