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FinTech Lab

Digitization and automation are set to change the financial sector radically. FinTech will rejuvenate the existing «ecosystem» in Zurich and open up new opportunities. ZHAW is a part of the seminal FinTech movement whereby interdisciplinary cooperation between the School of Management and Law and the School of Engineering is strengthened and their collective research expertise expanded.

For ZHAW, FinTech is the digitization of the financial industry and the combination of strong, synergetic trends, leading to structural changes in the financial sector. A glance at the FinTech ecosystem in Switzerland shows that the number of professional FinTech associations and FinTech companies is continuously increasing. FinTech companies include not only startups but also established technology businesses or financial institutions. The focus of these providers is on financial technology services, the most important of which are personal finance and wealth management, asset management, equity finance, and infrastructure. The objectives of FinTech companies are clearly defined: They want to offer a faster, better, and cheaper service than traditional banks and enhance the user experience through enhanced transparency and improved technology. In the long term, FinTech will, therefore, have a disruptive effect on the financial industry.

ZHAW Vision & Mission

ZHAW is one of the leading Swiss universities in the area of FinTech and is internationally recognized for its expertise in research, education, and services. In the field of research and development, projects for FinTech companies, in particular, are often given priority. In addition to this, ZHAW coaching for entrepreneurs creates added value. The RUNWAY Startup Incubator Initiative and other products foster the deployment of FinTech startups. For a wider audience, ZHAW also act as an information provider by communicating FinTech activities through a Blog. The ZHAW FinTech program cooperates closely with industry, enabling innovation and transfer of technologies.

FinTech Expertise at ZHAW

With the School of Management and Law and the School of Engineering, which both contribute extensive expertise in the field of FinTech, ZHAW unites a broad and diverse knowledge base.

FinTech Projects and Publications

The interdisciplinary approach at ZHAW also applies to FinTech projects and publications. The following overview shows ongoing and completed research projects and publications involving various departments focusing on FinTech.

FinTech Blog

A FinTech Blog has also been created as part of the interdisciplinary collaboration between the ZHAW School of Management and Law and School of Engineering. The Blog is intended to convey news on external as well as internal ZHAW FinTech activities. Clicking on the Blog entry titles below will take you directly to the FinTech Blog: