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ZHAW Digital Health Lab

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab brings together experts from the fields of biomedicine, health, technology and business, who together create innovations for digitisation in healthcare.

Around 170 participants from universities and industry discussed the latest trends and solutions in the field of digital health at the 3. Digital Health Lab Day on September 16, 2021. Another 150 health professionals, developers, managers, practitioners and researchers followed the keynotes and start-up pitches online. We thank all participants for their interest and active participation!

Vision & Mission

We believe that digital health has tremendous potential to enhance the well-being of everyone in our population. In aiming to make healthcare more accurate, personalized, and preventive, digital health focuses on the individual.

We face the challenges of digitalization in the healthcare sector by developing solutions for healthcare innovations. Through its broad base within ZHAW, the ZHAW Digital Health Lab combines the expertise of specialized research groups in technology, healthcare, and business. This forms a unique breeding ground for digital health solutions throughout Switzerland. 

We aim to be a leading, internationally recognized Swiss competence center in digital health. To achieve this, we rely on interdisciplinary cooperation and scientific exchange between our members. We work closely with service providers, industry representatives, health insurance companies, policy-makers, and other research partners to facilitate research, innovation, and technology transfer.

ZHAW Digital Health Lab Charta(PDF 92,8 KB)

Our vision

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab creates  innovations for the healthcare sector that focus on people. We improve health care and promote technology transfer between science, industry and society.

Our mission

As a competence network, we work together with our partners to develop solutions to current challenges in the healthcare sector. In doing so, we exploit the potential of our interdisciplinary approach. We rely on result-oriented cooperation with our network and are valued as a competent partner.

Who we are

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab is a virtual, interdepartmental organization of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) comprising several departments and institutes. It brings together a variety of digital health activities and combines the competence fields of technology, healthcare, and business within ZHAW. 

Board & Associates

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab was established in 2018 and is managed by a 6-member board of directors. The board meets regularly with its associates to discuss the latest digital health topics. More information about the Board and the Associates can be found here. 


The members of the ZHAW Digital Health Lab are currently organizational units of the ZHAW. All members have significant potential and the intention to advance the lab and its goals. More information about the members can be found here. 

Digital Health Events

Webinar: Real-world data and self-supervised learning for personalized care



In this webinar, I will present an opinionated view of opportunities that we have to harness sources of real-world data and self-supervised learning techniques to integrate valuable information from our daily life into the continuum of care.

In recent years, in particular, exciting methods have emerged to find structure in overwhelming amounts of real-world data from the data itself, without labels from human experts. Such "self-supervised" ML programs bring us closer to the type of learning that biological brains can do—at least in performance. Indeed, kids typically do not have to listen to their parents to make sense of the world. Sometimes they even learn better models when they don't, which brings us to another aspect of self-supervised learning: the fact that it can guard us against our own biases.


Short Bio: Dr. Charles-Edouard Bardyn is the Head of Data Science at the EPFL-based startup DomoHealth and at the NeuroTech platform of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, at CHUV Lausanne. He graduated from ETH Zurich with a PhD in topological quantum computing. His current research focuses on learning representations of people's health through multiple sources of real-world data, in self-supervised ways. The objective is to create a library of biomarkers and an ecosystem of apps enabling healthcare providers to detect emergency situations, identify early signs of diseases, and evaluate real-world treatment effectiveness.

Link to Zoom-Webinar: (Meeting ID: 628 9548 3064)



Would you like to know more about the ZHAW Digital Health Lab? Alternatively, would you like to join us in creating healthcare innovations? Contact us at