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ZHAW Digital Health Lab

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab brings together experts from the fields of biomedicine, health, technology and business, who together create innovations for digitisation in healthcare.

On the 2nd Digital Health Lab Day on October 1, 2020, around 230 participants from universities and industry discussed the latest trends and solutions in the field of digital health. The multifaceted topic of digital citizen-based medicine was explored in depth in exciting keynotes, interactive workshops and a pitch session for digital health start-ups. We thank all participants for their interest and active participation! 
The 3rd Digital Health Lab Day will take place on Thursday, September 16, 2021 - if possible on site in Winterthur.

Vision & Mission

We believe that digital health has tremendous potential to enhance the well-being of everyone in our population. In aiming to make healthcare more accurate, personalized, and preventive, digital health focuses on the individual.

We face the challenges of digitalization in the healthcare sector by developing solutions for healthcare innovations. Through its broad base within ZHAW, the ZHAW Digital Health Lab combines the expertise of specialized research groups in technology, healthcare, and business. This forms a unique breeding ground for digital health solutions throughout Switzerland. 

We aim to be a leading, internationally recognized Swiss competence center in digital health. To achieve this, we rely on interdisciplinary cooperation and scientific exchange between our members. We work closely with service providers, industry representatives, health insurance companies, policy-makers, and other research partners to facilitate research, innovation, and technology transfer.

ZHAW Digital Health Lab Charta (PDF 92,8 KB)

Our vision

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab creates  innovations for the healthcare sector that focus on people. We improve health care and promote technology transfer between science, industry and society.

Our mission

As a competence network, we work together with our partners to develop solutions to current challenges in the healthcare sector. In doing so, we exploit the potential of our interdisciplinary approach. We rely on result-oriented cooperation with our network and are valued as a competent partner.

Who we are

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab is a virtual, interdepartmental organization of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) comprising several departments and institutes. It brings together a variety of digital health activities and combines the competence fields of technology, healthcare, and business within ZHAW. 

About us

The persons behind the ZHAW Digital Health Lab

Board & Associates

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab was established in 2018 and is managed by a 6-member board of directors. The board meets regularly with its associates to discuss the latest digital health topics. More information about the Board and the Associates can be found here. 


The members of the ZHAW Digital Health Lab are currently organizational units of the ZHAW. All members have significant potential and the intention to advance the lab and its goals. More information about the members can be found here. 


  • Crowdworking in Switzerland (CroWiS) - an interdisciplinary analysis taking the example of nurse crowd workers

  • Wearables & Apps for mental health

  • Fighting bites with bytes: Promoting public health with crowdsourced tick prevention

    Ticks are on the rise and transmit several infectious diseases, leading to serious illness or even death. The smartphone App “Zecke–Tick Prevention helps people, to remember the tick bite location and to check it for potential Lyme disease symptoms. In an interdisciplinary approach, ZHAW-scientists want to find out ...

  • REFRACT – Repeat protein Function, Refinement, Annotation and Classification of Topologies

    REFRACT is an international consortium aiming to extend our knowledge on the mechanism of tandem repeat protein (TRP) function and evolution, establishing a common classification and best practices. Starting from available state of the art computational tools and databases, it aims to drive a new level of TRP ...

  • ACDC – Artificial Cells with Distributed Cores to Decipher Protein Function

    ACDC will employ a rapidly expanding living technology platform of transformational artificial cell technologies towards the next generation of small molecule drug discovery, protein biophysics, and biochemical energy production. This will be executed through a future paradigm of sensory and synthesis regimes, based ...

Further projects



Would you like to know more about the ZHAW Digital Health Lab? Alternatively, would you like to join us in creating healthcare innovations? Contact us at