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3. Digital Health Lab Webinar

The webinar on the 16th November will be about:

What is Public Trust in Health Data Use? by Felix Gille (UZH)


Abstract: Public trust is essential for the well-functioning of digital health and public participation in data sharing activities. From a systemic viewpoint the main motivation to care about public trust is that, if there is no public trust in healthcare system actors and their activities, these actors lack public legitimacy to act and the public does not take part in healthcare system activities. Building on research from England and Switzerland, Felix will discuss how health system actors can foster public trust in health data sharing and use.

Short biography: What is public trust in the health system? How can we build and maintain public trust in the health system? – Felix researches public trust in data use in health systems at the Digital Society Initiative, University of Zurich. Previous workstations include the Health Ethics and Policy Lab, ETH Zurich, and THIS.Institute, University of Cambridge, UK. Felix has a background in European Public Health and Health Policy; and holds a PhD from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.