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New Book «Applied Data Science – Lessons Learned for the Data-driven Business»

Three lecturers from the Institute of Applied Information Technology InIT – Martin Braschler, Thilo Stadelmann und Kurt Stockinger – are the editors of this new book that was published by Springer on June 14th, 2019.

This book has two main goals: to define data science through the work of data scientists and their results, namely data products, while simultaneously providing the reader with relevant lessons learned from applied data science projects at the intersection of academia and industry.

With these goals in mind, the book is divided into three parts:

  • Part I pays tribute to the interdisciplinary nature of data science and provides a common understanding of data science terminology for readers with different backgrounds. These chapters were predominantly written by the editors themselves.
  • Part II then broadens the spectrum by presenting views and insights from diverse authors – some from academia and some from industry, ranging from financial to health and from manufacturing to e-commerce. Many of these contributors are affiliated with ZHAW Datalab. Each of the  chapters describes a fundamental principle, method or tool in data science by analyzing specific use cases and drawing concrete conclusions from them.
  • Finally, Part III was again written from the perspective of the editors can be viewed as a meta-study on data science across a broad range of domains, viewpoints and fields. Moreover, it provides answers to the question of what the mission-critical factors for success in different data science undertakings are.  

The book launch has been very successful: in its first week, the book was ranked #1 worldwide under “Hot New Releases in Data Mining” and #2 under “Hot New Releases in Artificial Intelligence” on
More details on the book are available at