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Impact Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law

The School of Management and Law supports potential young social entrepreneurs wanting to make an impact on society in implementing their business idea.

As part of the SML's "Impact Entrepreneurship" program, we select and support three to four promising social startup cases of students, employees and alumni of the ZHAW School of Management and Law each year on the way to their own start-up. The aim of the program is to provide tailor-made support and individual guidance for selected young social entrepreneurs through a personal coach. 

What Do "Impact Entrepreneurs" Do?

By attempting to solve phenomena such as poverty or problems resulting from climate change and pollution in a sustainable and entrepreneurial manner, social startups primarily maximize the social benefits rather than their financial gain. In spite of this, or precisely because of this, social businesses naturally generate turnover and operate efficiently and profitably. However, the most beautiful idea must also be able to be implemented. In order to do good for society, social entrepreneurs need money and motivated people. All in all, "social impact" has become an integral part of everyday life and is gaining in importance every day - for each and every one of us. 

Social entrepreneurship activities are not limited to individual sectors, specializations, or areas, but develop in a variety of areas of life. Examples include:

  • Economic and regional developments
  • Environment, sustainability & Cleantech
  • Degree programs and continuing education - development cooperation
  • Health promotion and prevention
  • Human rights and gender equality
  • Cultural developments and projects

What Can We Offer You?

  • Support for 2-4 teams per year
  • Acceleration and support for 6 to 18 months
  • Co-working space: 1-4 free work spaces at the Runway
  • Access to the Runway community and network
  • Individual coaching: Coach with topics/startup experience and individual coaching for 4h/month
  • Selective expert advice from the ZHAW environment
  • Training courses & workshops

Admission Criteria

  • Opportunity with social impact
  • Powerful team associated with the School of Management and Law
  • Open to SML employees, students and alumni