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Areas of concentration

Students in applied psychology choose one of the following areas of concentration:

Work and Organizational Psychology

Following a broad introduction to topics in work and organisational psychology, the Bachelor’s degree programme focuses on the area of Human Resource Management (HRM). Students critically examine HRM theories, concepts, and models and expand their text learning through case study work, excursions and tutorial groups. Bachelor's degree programme graduates acquire basic professional skills preparing them for work in the world of practice.

The main topics of study in the Master's degree programme are organisation and management. The focus is on analysis of demanding, complex (social) systems, and their descriptions, explanations, and steering and control challenges. Upon completing the programme, graduates are 'specialist generalists'. With their strong skills in description and explanation, graduates are capable of translating phenomena and problems in organizational practice into forms that can be investigated scientifically and of applying and using the results in the practical context.

The degree programmes in work and organisational psychology at the School of Applied Psychology are, apart from "classical" higher education, also complementary education at the interface of several different professional, functional, and action logics.

Developmental and personality psychology

Presents theories and evidence-based foundations of development across the lifespan and different approaches to personality. In this area of concentration, the student also acquires specialist, methodological and intervention skills that allow them to professionally assess and effectively support persons of any age in developmental crises. Students are introduced to the wide palette of personality and developmental diagnostic tests.

Special courses offered in the consecutive Master’s degree programme provide practice-oriented and theoretical preparation for fields of work in school psychology, parenting advice, career guidance and professional psychological life coaching or counselling. The skills required are trained in internships/practical training in the courses offered on counselling approaches

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychology is dedicated to scientific study of biological, social, developmental, behavioural, and also cognitive and emotional bases of mental disorders and the effects of these disorders on the psyche. Clinical psychology is supported by psychological theories and findings and deals in research and practice with prevention, development and treatment of mental disorders.

Further topics are aetiology, conditions analysis, classification and diagnostics, prevention, psychotherapy and rehabilitation, epidemiology, health care provision and evaluation.

Moreover, students in the clinical psychology area of concentration are given an introduction to clinical psychological research and other topic areas.