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Organization Development and Consulting

We examine the psychological and social factors and processes that make transformations describable and designable.

Today, changes are mostly supported by means of organization development and consulting, so the possibilities and limitations of the effects of those means are important.

Ongoing research projects

Chinese understanding of leadership for the future

One of the main focuses from Westerners regarding Leadership in China is how to behave if one wants to be successful in the Chinese Market. Therefore most of the literature found is explaining the concepts of leadership theories such as Confucianism, Mohism, Daoism, Legalism, Militarism or the core cultural features such as "face", "Guanxì" or Harmony.

Our focus however is to understand how young Chinese leaders perceive leadership today and for the future. Are these concepts congruent with actual findings in research or are other concepts and theories mainly developed in the West also explaining part of their leadership concepts and behaviours? Chen and Farh (2010, S. 616) advocate that "social sciences in an increasingly globalized world could not be advanced through exclusively indigenous approaches". Therefore they suggest "for Chinese leadership research to move forward, both emic and etic approaches integrating Chinese constructs and theories with those developed in the West must be adopted". This research project tries to contribute to this requirement; validating the research findings in an intercultural research group.


Prof. Dr. Michael Zirkler

Prof. Dr. Michael Zirkler

Head, Head of section organization development and ...
Section organization development and consulting

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