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High Responsibility Check

IAP high responsibility checks analyse persons who hold positions of particular trust in organizations.


These are persons who, for example, have access to sensitive information and data, administer large or easily accessible sums of money, or are co-responsible for security of protected installations. Through the use of a variety of carefully coordinated diagnostic methods, we can comprehensively and reliably assess the personality, attitudes, and behaviour of the person being checked with regard to potential non rule-compliant behaviour. With the information gathered, we can determine the risk potential of employing the person in defined areas of activity and responsibility.

We developed the high responsibility check based on evidence-based theories and constructs. The use of a multimodal approach allows us to assess the person’s personality, attitudes and behaviour comprehensively, in detail and reliably.

The IAP high responsibility check is very flexible: We define the focus of the analysis and the suitable analysis methods in consultation with the client. In this way we can align the risk prognosis specifically to the work contents, work situation and company rules and regulations. In addition, this way of proceeding makes it possible to combine the high responsibility check with existing investigations carried out by the company itself.

Designed for

Public or private security organizations, administrations and authorities at the municipal, cantonal or federal level; organizations with sensitive or safety-sensitive areas (such as nuclear power plants, financial institutions, data processing departments, public authorities).

IAP consulting services

Analysis of specialists and managers
Client- and function-specific analysis of the risk potential of persons that hold positions of trust in the organization:

Development of monitoring concepts
Risk analysis at the outset of employment is one means. Continued monitoring outside the compliance measures can effectively support prevention efforts. We would be glad to assist you in developing customized concepts.

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