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Wrongdoing on the part of employees often results in high costs and damage to the company image. IAP 'high responsibility checks' can prevent this.


In anonymous surveys, about two thirds of employees in Switzerland reported that they engaged in wrongdoing at the workplace at least once a year. This consisted mostly in rather harmless acts, such as wasting or misusing materials or engaging in personal activities at the workplace. But it included also criminal behaviours like fraud. Wrongdoing by employees can lead to high costs and in some cases result in damage to the company image. When employees disregard rules and regulations, accidents or incidents can also occur that entail lengthy healing processes or that disturb or disrupt operations. To prevent such occurrences, some companies implement expensive compliance management systems. In staffing, pre-employment screening is used to verify the accuracy information supplied by the applicant and to obtain further information. Also, specific assessments can be conducted to assess a person’s ethical and moral behaviour and integrity.
The IAP supports companies in this area with High Responsibility Checks.