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Succession planning

What persons are suitable for management positions or other positions of responsibility?


The aim of this extensive process is to examine the potential of possible candidates and their motivation for management positions or other positions of responsibility.

Designed for

Owner-managed companies and enterprises that seek succession planning for management positions or other positions of responsibility.
The IAP possesses demonstrated experience in the area of succession planning and offers a comprehensive range of succession planning services.


In a first step, we clarify the background for the succession planning and, together with you, define the specific question. We then plan the assessment for development and choose the assessment methods. These are in part similar to the methods used in assessments for selection but may also include further methods, depending on the specific question.


In addition to the assessment results, a pertinent evaluation report focuses on specific development measures. Detailed feedback discussions ensure transfer to practice and prepare the ground for implementation.

If needed, we also conduct assessments for development for succession planning purposes in English, French or Italian.

IAP consulting process

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