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Assessment for development

Needs-based staffing with optimal fit


IAP assessments for selection support you in your staffing decisions with a selection process that is geared to your needs. If needed, assessments for selection can be conducted also in English, French or Italian.


First, we determine the job profile as specific to the organization and translate it into a requirements/characteristics profile at the behavioural and observational level. Based on that, we plan a customized assessment. For repeated assessments for the same position, we also design complete organization-specific procedures.

Designed for

Organizations, enterprises, companies or departments that seek to staff a position with an optimal fit between job and candidate and that want to reduce the risk of costly wrong choices.

The IAP possesses demonstrated and extensive experience in a variety of sectors: administration, non-profit organizations, security/safety, health, rescue, sales, services in general, financial services, insurance, restaurant/catering, industry, energy, construction, research, trade.


Assessments for selection are conducted based on a behavioural and job-related approach, using only research-based methods (such as semi-structured interviews, presentation tasks, role play simulations, case studies, management tasks, achievement tests, personality questionnaires). Each assessment is conducted by at least two experienced IAP assessors. The role simulations are designed for the specific position, and experienced role players create realistic scenarios.


You receive a clearly written assessment report that provides optimal decision support. The feedback discussions with you, the client, and the candidates ensure transfer of the results into practice.

IAP consulting services

Assessment for selection: Professional

Assessment for selection: Leadership Basic

Assessment for selection: Leadership Advanced

Assessment for selection: Leadership Executive

If needed, we also conduct assessments for selection in English, French or Italian. For an obligation-free quote, please contact us. We would be pleased to advise you.