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The app of ZHAW LSFM

App gallery (version 3.2.0 iOS and Android)


The ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management app answers your questions around the study programmes and the Waedenswil campus:

  • Orientation: where is the building I’m looking for?
  • Timetable: where is my next lesson?
  • Contacts: how do I reach lecturers or students?
  • Menu plans: what is there to eat?
  • Campuslife: Social Media, Libraries, Studentnetworks and more
  • News and events: what’s going on at the university?
  • Emergencies: what do I need to do if things go badly wrong?
  • SBB (Transport): How do I get from where I am as fast as possible to the campus?

The app is designed for students, lecturers, employees and visitors. It is continuously updated with the help of the team at the Institute of Applied Simulation. Pleas send us your feedback at

Please note: There is no English version of the app. It exists only in German.