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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

Sensory Impairment

Advice and support is available to students who are:

The type of support available varies depending on your needs. If you would like to discuss your situation further, please make an appointment with the Course Director at any time before or during your course if you feel you need support or information due to a disability.

Find more details on our website


Showers are available in the IFM Building RA on the ground floor.

SIA and SIA Norms

The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) is a Swiss association for construction, technology and environment specialists. With around 15,000 members from the fields of engineering and architecture, the SIA central aim is to promote sustainable and high-quality design of the built environment in Switzerland. They are responsible for creating the "SIA NORMS" which are specific to Switzerland.



Students are expected to conform to ZHAW University rules and regulations which apply to attendance:

Brief absence up to 3 days:

For absences during single lectures you must inform the responsible lecturer, if possible in advance. For absences during exams, graded events (presentations, group work, practical courses, etc.) or events that have been marked as mandatory (project days, excursions, demonstrations, etc.) you must hand in a written explanatory statement to the responsible lecturer in time, i.e. before the start of the event. In case of illness the lecturer may require a doctor’s note. The head of studies may reject a statement on request of the lecturer. Missed exams and events still have to be taken later. Students are obliged to contact the responsible lecturer as soon as possible to schedule the further procedure. In case of non-justified absence or absence in spite of a denied petition you will receive a mark of 1 resp. the rating “failed”.

Notifying of sickness and/or absence

If you are going to be absent for any length of time you should:

If your absence is more long-term, and you are experiencing problems studying, or think you may have to withdraw from your course, you should talk to the Course Director. Failure to comply with the sickness/absence reporting requirements could result in disciplinary action.

Someone calling on your behalf

Be sure a friend or relative calling on your behalf can give the following information:

Smoking Areas

Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the IFM Building RA. The smoking area for students is outside the building entrance. Please make sure you use the ash trays provided to dispose of your cigarette buts.


Postage stamps can be bought from a lot of KIOSKS and also from the Post Office. Information about postage rates is available using this link.

Suggestions and Questions

The MSc Director welcomes any suggestions students have to how the MSc course could be improved. Should you have a suggestion or any general questions please submit this in writing for review to Simon Ashworth

Sustainability Certification Systems

There are many Sustainability Certification Systems in use around the world. A few of the more common systems which are referred to on the MSc and the new Swiss SSNB system in use are listed below:

The ZHAW works closely with the SGNI

SUVA - Health and Safety Insurance

SUVA is a Swiss independent, non-profit company created under public law as the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund. Suva's business activities are based on the accident insurance law. It mainly insures companies in the secondary business sector, i.e. industrial trading and commercial enterprises.

Swimming Pool - Wädenswil

Information about the local indoor Swimming Pool (Hallenbad) can be found here.

In the summer it is also possible to Swim in the Lake of Zurich and use many outdoor pools along the lake. Information can be found using this link.