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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

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Building RA:

If you have a car you need to be aware that parking is NOT POSSIBLE at the Building RA. Parking is available near the building but you will have to pay the relevant hourly meter rate.

Note: some parking is time restricted so check how many hours you can leave your car otherwise you may get a ticket.

Grüental and Reidbach Campus:

Parking is available but you have to pay per hour.

Part Time or Full Time Study?

Studying full-time has the advantage that students can concentrate exclusively on their studies. Furthermore, the full-time study programme can be completed in a shorter period than the part-time option.

Studying part-time has the advantage of a continuous exchange between theory and practice. New knowledge from one’s studies can immediately be transferred to everyday work. Furthermore, being able to work part-time helps you to finance your studies.

In the end, your choice will depend on your preferences and individual situation.

Personal Belongings and Equipment

The ZHAW is not responsible for personal belongings and equipment on the ZHAW premises. Please ensure you look after your own laptop and other personal belongs whilst you are on the campus.


Plagiarism violates the fundamental rules of scientific and academic work. Accordingly, the law and the Rahmenprüfungs- und Promotionsordnung der ZHAW provide for serious sanctions for cases of plagiarism.

See this side to inform you about legal concerns.


Advice about contacting the police can be found from this link

Post and Mail

Information about the Swiss Post Office mail and post services can be found on the Post CH Ltd website.

Postage stamps can be bought from a lot of KIOSKS and also from the Post Office. Information about postage rates is available using this link.

Swiss post Boxes are bright yellow. There is a post box located at the Train Station in Wädenswil as well as the main post office in town for private post.

Printers, Copiers and Scanners

Printers and Copiers:

As a student you have access to the college printers and copiers. When you want to print to a copier you have to use your campus card and insert it into the copier before printing.

Note 1: You have to pay for copies

Note 2: There is a scanning capability which allows you to scan documents and send these to your student account. The scanning does not cost anything.

Note 3: It is your own responsibility to ensure you observe copyright when copying or scanning anything.

Property Management Competence Team

The Property Management Expert Competence Group can be found at this link

Public Transport in Switzerland

Information about the Swiss Public Transport system is available here.