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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

Master Thesis

The Master's Thesis is an individual scientific work, applying the skills and knowledge acquired during the study programme to specific research questions. Work on the Master‘s Thesis stretches across two semesters and is divided into the two modules Master's Thesis Research Plan (PDF 209,0 KB) and Master's Thesis (PDF 222,8 KB)


Moodle is the system the ZHAW uses for the MSc Course Module files. Moodle can be accessed using your standard IT ID logon and password. The relevant files and reading materials used in each module are uploaded into the relevant Year and Semester folder by Course Module for easy access.

You will receive directions to access moodle by mail.

MSc in FM Course Structure

The Master of Science in Facility Management has a modular structure, and each semester has a specific focus. In the first semester, the focus is on the professional and theoretical aspects of the support processes, while the second semester explores the core business of FM. In the third semester, FM is considered in an international context, and the knowledge gained throughout the study programme is incorporated into work on the Master’s thesis.

Further details regarding the study programme can be found here

MSc in FM Course Workload and ECTS Points

The Master of Science in Facility Management carries 90 ECTS points – which is the equivalent of a workload of about 2700 hours – and lasts three (for full-time students) or five semesters (for part-time students).