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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

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Language Courses

The ZHAW has its own Linguistics Dept. Details can be found on the ZHAW website.

There are also sometimes German (PDF 245,8 KB)evening course held in Wädenswil if there is enough interest. Please contact the MSc course administrator for details.

Language - Used on MSc Course

The language used on the MSc in FM is English. All scripts and documents are in English.
A good knowledge of English (level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Languages) is therefore essential for all the academic success.

Note: The Individual written Master’s Thesis assignment can be written either in German or English.

Learning Centre - Building RA

A bespoke Learning Centre room has been designed and set up in the Building RA to offer students a relaxing place to learn.

Lecturing Team and IFM Organisation

The Lecturing Team and IFM organisation can be found here.

Library - At ZHAW

The ZHAW university library Wädenswil website can be found under this link. You need a Campus Card to use the library.

Here is the general ZHAW university Library

Library - Other Libraries

The following Libraries may also be of interest to students:

ETH Library

Local Wädenswil Library

Zurich Central Library

Zurich Pestalozzi Library

Lights (Controls)

Many of the light controls in the Building RA are set up with sensor controls to help with energy conservation. If the lights go out you may need to wave a hand to activate the sensors again.

Literature - For MSc Modules

The individual recommended reading for each MSc module is included in the MSc Module Descriptions. Please refer to each module description to check which literature you should be referring to. Extra literature is also sometimes loaded onto Moodle. The lecturer responsible for each module will advise in the classes as to which literature is to be used.


Student lockers are available. You will need a 5 CHF coin to operate the lockers.

Note: The lockers should all be emptied at the end of term. Any items left in the lockers will be disposed off.

Lost and Found Property

The lost property office of Zürich can be found under this link and is also responsible for items lost in the local ZVV vehicles. If you have lost something on a train, you should look at the SBB office instead.