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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management


In Switzerland, it is mandatory to have a valid health insurance. Information regarding the requirements can be found on page 15 of the “Studying at the ZHAW” guide available via this link.

Advice about changing health insurers and the times when this can be done can be found using this link

The healthcare, accident and general liability insurance are the student’s responsibility. If you leave your job when you start your studies it is important to check if you are sufficiently insured against non-work related accidents, as the insurance benefits of the employer fall away. It is recommended to contract general liability insurance. All students must pay AHV and will receive the corresponding notice from the responsible compensation office. Non-working persons have to pay the mandatory contribution of 480CHF. It is of crucial importance to pay the contribution without interruption as missing contribution years will result in pension cuts. Contributions can be paid retroactively for 5 years at most.

International MSc Module

The International Module (PDF 51,3 KB) of the MSc Course involves an International visit to another country. This offers the student an international overview of the development and practice of FM, with particular emphasis on the European context. The course  focuses on the international dimension of FM through consideration of multi-national operations, global outreach, market comparisons and international standards and will address the need to balance global thinking and local action. There is a specific focus on the topics of Internationalisation of FM, regional and national context and culture, multinational organisations, international standards and "thinking global, acting local".

Note: Students have to pay separately from the MSc Course fees for the travel and accommodation costs associated with the International Course.

IT Helpdesk

IT support can be reached at this address or under the address There is also a notebook support to help you with your problems, more information can be found under this link.

All issues and problems with IT and other FM Services should be reported to the or by phoning 6677 (internal) or 058 934 6677 (external).