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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

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Facebook - ZHAW LSFM

The ZHAW LSFM facebook page is available for students to use and interact with.


In the event of fire make sure you leave the building as quickly and calmly as possible. The following procedure should be followed:



  1. Alert other people
    - Press the fire alarm button
    - Call the Fire brigade (0) 118
    - Call the police
    - Ambulance
  2. Inform > always
    Emergency phone ZHAW -  (0)058 934 70 70
  3. Get to safety
    - Rescue persons
    - Close the doors
    - Do not use elevators
    - Use escape routes
  4. Attempt to put out the fire
    Utilise fire equipment
  5. At evacuation
    - Seek assembly point

First Aid Room

There is a first Aid room in the Building RA on the 2nd floor equipped with first aid equipment.

FM Organisations and Useful FM Links

The Following FM Organisations may be useful during your study:

Switzerland Specific (Some in English):




  • BIFM - British Institute of Facility Management
  • LJMU - Liverpool John Moores University (PhD Programms)


  • GEFMA - German Facility Management Association



Food Preparation Area

There is a Food preparation area near the main Student Common Room area. The room has eight microwaves, vending machines and a sink area for preparing food.

Food Shopping

There are many supermarket chains in Switzerland. Wadenswil Stores can be found at the following locations:

Funding Grants - IFMA

Information about IFMA funding grants can be found at the following link


Apart from regular furniture stores (Ikea, Micasa, etc.), there are other ways to get to cheap furniture. The trading platform www.ricardo.ch functions similar to Ebay and there are a lot of good offers around. You might also look for second hand shops in your vicinity, called “Brockenstube” in Swiss German.