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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

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Directions to ZHAW

Directions to get to the ZHAW campus can be found at this link (PDF 1,7 MB)


Discrimination in any form (gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc.) is not tolerated at ZHAW. If you feel that you are a victim of discrimination, you can find help here under "Diskriminierung, sexuelle Belästigung und Mobbing". You can contact them in English.

Diversity and Gender

Further information on the ZHAW policies with respect to Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Gender can be found here. (currently only in german)

Doctors and Medical Issues

In Switzerland, people don’t tend to go to the hospital unless it’s a serious emergency as it is expensive. Instead, you should make an appointment at a general practitioner who will treat you or refer you on if necessary. The following Doctor Surgery can be used:

Doctors Practice Dr. Meyerhans & Dr. Blickenstorfer
Fuhrstrasse 15, 8820 Wädenswil/ZH
Telephone: +41 44 780 17 27, Emergency: +41 44 780 17 43
Arzt I Mobile: +41 76 587 69 49
Arzt II Mobile: +41 79 306 48 73


Other External Care:

Psychiatric care:

FMH for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Kurt April
Seestrasse 126
8810 Horgen
Tel. +41 44 726 17 77

Dr. phil. Psychotherapist Peter Müller
Mythenstrasse 58
8810 Horgen
Phone 044 725 60 61

Other Doctors:

You can also find other doctors in your vicinity using this link.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students are responsible for any costs associated with using the General Doctor and Other External Services. ONLY the internal ZHAW Counselling Services are free.

Driving Licences in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland for more than 12 months, you must convert your foreign driving license into a Swiss license before those 12 months are up.

General information about driving licences and how to change your licence can be found under this link.