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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

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Campus Card

Campus Card Picture

The Campus Card is used for the following: Building Access, Library Book Loans, As a Cash Card for Vending and Printing in copiers. The Campus Card will be issued to you on arrival at the University. You will need to complete an information sheet and have your photo taken for the card.

The card is only valid for one semester. It needs to be validated again at the start of a new semester using one of the validation machines next to the cash loading machines. The card needs to be inserted into the machine and it will be checked and validated. It can then be used.

The Campus Card should be kept on you at all times for identification purposes.

Terms of Use:
The Campus Card should be kept carefully and used only for its intended use. The cardholder shall be liable for any damages resulting from improper use or lack of care. The Campus Card is not transferable and is intended only for personal use. It may not be disclosed to third parties. In case of malfunction please notify the IFM Administration team  immediately. Please be careful not to lose the card as the University cannot be held responsible for any monies you have loaded on the card. Replacement cards attract an administration fee of CHF 50.

Privacy Policy:
The ZHAW will ensure all data held about card users is protected. There is no additional personal information collected. The ZHAW will not allow third parties to access the card data.

Electronic access control to Buildings:

The new card enables electronic access control to individual buildings on campus (Note: Within the allowed opening times)

Library Number - Nebis ID:
Your library NEBIS ID number is incorporated into the Card and is shown as the number with an "S" in front of it. You will need this for loaning books from the library.

Discounts with Campus Card:
Discounts are available at retailers, cinemas etc. so always ask if you can get a student discount. Note: They will ask you for the card and will inspect it, to check that it is current.

Cashless payment:
The card can be used for cashless vending and in Mensa facilities. The card can be loaded with money at the Vending machines.

Canteen (Mensa)

There are two Student Canteens (They are called Mensa in Switzerland) located in the Campus Grüental and in Reidbach. The locations, opening times and menus can be found here.

Note: The Building RA does not have a Mensa.

The Building RA does however have a kitchen area with microwaves to prepare hot food and two Selecta vending machines for food and 2 for beverages. The vending machines can accept cash or money loaded onto your campus card. There is a machine for loading money onto the cards located near the building entrance. There are also many places to get food within easy walking distance.

Note: You can use cash or your campus card to pay but please note that you can NOT pay by credit card.

Cars and Parking

If you have a car you need to be aware that parking is not possible at the Building RA. Parking is available near the building but you will have to pay the relevant meter rate.

Note: some parking is time restricted so check how many hours you can leave your car otherwise you may get a ticket.

Grüental and Reidbach Campus:

Parking is available but you have to pay per hour.

Owning a Car in Switzerland:

This link provides a wealth of information about owning and insuring cars as well as the requirements for number plates and driving licenses in Switzerland.

Cash Machines

There are many cash (ATM) machines in Wädenswil. However they are mostly in the banks located in the centre of Wädenswil. There is also a cash machine at the train station, which is convenient if you need money before using the train. Note: the ZHAW Canteen (Mensa) only accepts cash

CEN Standards - FM 15221

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) provides a platform for the development of European Standards and other technical specifications. The EN15521 standards associated with Facility Management have seven parts as listed below. Further explanation about the standards can also be found on the BSi website here.

  • Part 1: Terms and definitions
  • Part 2: Guidance on how to prepare Facility Management agreements
  • Part 3: Guidance on quality in Facility Management
  • Part 4: Taxonomy, Classification and Structures in Facility Management
  • Part 5: Guidance on Facility Management processes
  • Part 6: Area and Space Measurement in Facility Management
  • Part 7: Guidelines for Performance Benchmarking


There are several chemists (Apotheke) in Wädenswil. Some can be found at the following addresses:

  • Pill, Oberdorfstrasse 23, Weekdays: 08.00-12.15/13.30-18.30, Saturday: 08.00-16.00
  • Amavita, Bahnhofstrasse 5, Weekdays: 07.30-18.30, Saturday: 07.30-16.00, Sunday: 10.00-12.00
  • Amavita, Zugerstrasse 2, Weekdays: 08.30-18.30, Saturday: 08.00-16.00

A complete list and locations can be found at this link.

Child Care

The ZHAW info page about child care facilities and services in Wädenswil can be found under this link

Details of a local nursery link from the ZHAW page can be found here under "Studium und Familie"http://www.kinderkrippe-waedenswil.ch/


There is one cinema in Wädenswil Schloss Cinema  located at Schlossbergstrasse 7. This cinema shows a mixture of films in different languages. There are also many cinemas in Zurich which show many English language films. A general guide for all cinemas and films can be found here.

Citation Rules for Study

The ZHAW IFM follows the citation Guidelines using the APA (American Psycological Association) style, currently the 6th Edition. All the rules are detailed in the ZHAW IFM document W235 - Mandatory Guidelines to Composition Writing for Students at IFM. You should ensure you have followed all the guidance within W235.


The IFM operates a clean desk policy and rooms should be left clean and neat and tidy after use. The Building RA has a daily cleaning schedule and toilet and other areas are checked regularly. However if cleaning services are needed for any spills please either take a cloth and clean up the spill or if it needs special attention contact the Service Desk to report the issue so it can be addressed.

Complaints Process

General Complaints:

If you have a general complaint about the MSc Course please ensure this is brought to the attention of the MSc Course Director Thomas Wehrmüller -  Email: weht@zhaw.ch,  Tel: 058 934 5825

Complaints of a Discriminatory or a Harassment Nature:

The ZHAW does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse. Any serious complaints of this nature should be brought to the attention of the MSc Course Director and the Diversity and Gender Services, Email: diversity-gender@zhaw.ch, so the complaint can be properly addressed as quickly as possible.

Contact Information - LSFM Staff

Contact Information for searching for staff working in the Department of Life Sciences and Facility Management can be found here.

Copier/Printer and Scanning


As a student you have access to the college copier/printer located in the copy room. When you want to print to a copier you have to use your campus card and insert this into the copier before printing.

Note 1: You have to pay for copies

Note 2: There is a scanning capability which allows you to scan documents and send these to your student account. The scanning does not cost anything.

Note 3: It is your own responsibility to ensure you observe copyright when copying or scanning anything.

Cost of living in Switzerland

Switzerland is an expensive country, especially for students. A good overview can be found under this link, though the rent for apartments can vary a lot.

Counselling Services

Financing your studies:

Counselling for student financing (e.g. student loan)

Contact: Dr. Diyana Petrova
Telephone: +41 58 934 54 66, diyana.petrova@zhaw.ch

Information concerning education subsidies at: stipendien.educa.ch/de


Equality Office:

Counsel for questions about compatibility of job and studies, for discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment at the ZHAW

Contact: Karin Altermatt
Telephone: +41 58 934 58 04, karin.altermatt@zhaw.ch


Crises and personal problems:

Coaching and assistance to solve personal problem situations, e.g. crises or conflicts at university or in private life or exam nerves.

Contact: Dr. phil. Imke Knafla
Telephone: +41 58 934 84 31, psychologischeberatung@zhaw.ch


Studies and disability:

Learning coaching and assistance with dyslexia.

Contact: Dr. Annette Kahlen
Telephone: +41 58 934 72 31, annette.kahlen@zhaw.ch


More information at www.zhaw.ch/beratung

Course Description and Information (MSc)

All the Course Module descriptions can be found here

Course Marks

The marks for the MSc Course are uploaded onto the Evento system. This can be accessed using your standard ID log on and password. A guide to find your marks can be found here (PDF 1,7 MB)

In addition standard marking grids are used for the Master Thesis Written Work (PDF 13,6 KB) and the Master Thesis Oral Exam (PDF 184,7 KB)

Course Timetable

The MSc course timetables can be found here (PDF 18,5 KB)


Module Overview - full time program (3 semesters)
Module overview part time program (5 semesters)
Option A – Driven by the optimization of the study logic
Module overview part time program (5 semesters)
Option B – Driven by the optimization of the timetable

Curriculum Master of Science in Facility Management

Note: click at the bottom to switch between the different module overviews options