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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management


Bicycles can be parked at the right hand side of the entrance to the Building, RA.

Note: There are excellent opportunities for cycling especially along the edge of the lake. Bicycle stores are also very common. The following link gives useful info on where to buy bikes or get your free bike for one day.

Breaks from MSc Study Programme

The University recognises that from time to time students may need to for personal reasons make a study break during the study programme. If a students needs to arrange a study break this must be brought to the attention of the Course Director as soon as possible so that the individual case can be discussed with the Course Director.

Note: More information is available using this link

General Academic Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences


Bus and all public transport in Switzerland is excellent. Timetables are available on (Switzerland-wide). This link is an excellent tool for planning trips anywhere around Switzerland. Regional information on the Zürich Transport Network can be found on