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A-Z Students Guide, Institute of Facility Management

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Absence or Illness

Student Absence

If attendance of a course is compulsory, it will be pointed out in the course description. If there is no information on this subject, attendance is not compulsory.

Brief absence up to 3 days:

For absences during single lectures you must inform the responsible lecturer, if possible in advance. For absences during exams, graded events (presentations, group work, practical courses, etc.) or events that have been marked as mandatory (project days, excursions, demonstrations, etc.) you must hand in a written explanatory statement to the responsible lecturer in time, i.e. before the start of the event. In case of illness the lecturer may require a doctor’s note. The head of studies may reject a statement on request of the lecturer. Missed exams and events still have to be taken later. Students are obliged to contact the responsible lecturer as soon as possible to schedule the further procedure. In case of non-justified absence or absence in spite of a denied petition you will receive a mark of 1 resp. the rating “failed”.

Brief absence of more than 3 days:

Military Service

The student advisor and the university office are to be informed as soon as possible (i.e. at the beginning of the semester or upon receiving the notice). The student is obliged to inform the responsible lecturer about their absence before the military service and to evaluate options to take exams or attend graded events at another date. It is within the lecturer’s discretion to exempt the student from certain events or exams.


Holidays are absences that are not justified by a force majeure (military service, malady, cases of death, etc.). A holiday does not exempt you from exams or graded events. Students are obliged to inform the responsible lecturer about their absence and to evaluate options to take exams or attend graded events at another date. If the exam or graded event is not attended due to absence, you will receive a mark of 1 resp. the rating “failed”.

Absences due to force majeure (accident, malady, cases of death)

The student advisor is to be informed as soon as possible. Documents such as a doctor’s note etc. are to be provided on request. Orientation of the student will be handled by the student advisor via the university office. It is within the lecturer’s discretion to exempt the student from certain events or exams. A petition for a longer absence (>3 days) will be assessed by the head of studies.

More information at:

General Academic Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Dispensation from individual courses

In agreement with the responsible student advisor the head of studies may dispense students from individual courses. A dispensation is possible if the present expert knowledge of the student equals the level reached by completing the course. Grades from other institutions will not be transferred. If the expert knowledge has been acquired at an at least equal university (e.g. during a student exchange) the student can discuss and agree their individual case asking for dispensation with the course director.

Taking a semester break

Student may ask to take a break during the studies. The university office has to be informed in writing at latest four weeks before the start of the semester.

Note: breaks are for a minimun of 1 semester. During the entire study period a maximum of 4 semesters will be granted. Students will remain enrolled during an agreed break (§ 23 of the RPO from the 29.01.2008). Students will have to pay the appropriate fee for each semester break (currently 300CHF). A written request concerning the break has to be handed in at the university registrar's office before week 03 for the spring semester or week 33 for the fall semester.

After the end of the reported leave the normal semester fee will be charged automatically.

Costs and Fees - Organizing your studies / financial issues


Students should have their Student Campus Card on them at all times for access to the IFM Building, RA. The opening times are:

Monday to Friday; from 07:00 – 17:00. Between 17:00 and 19:00 access is available with your campus card.

Note 1: After 19:00 access is only possible by arrangement with the MSc Admin staff.

Note 2: On Public Holidays the building is closed.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendars for the MSc Course can be found here.

Note: The Academic Calendar is an example showing the split of Part Time and Full Time days. Sometimes the classes swap days please refer to the lesson plans issued by the MSc Administration Team for specific course days.

Accidents and Emergencies

In the event of an accident or emergency the following phone numbers should be used:

Police – (0)117
Fire brigade – (0)118
Ambulance – (0)144
Rega  – (0)1414
Poisoning emergency – (0)145
Emergency phone ZHAW – (0)058 934 70 70

Credit Card sized Information cards containing all the emergency telephone numbers and what to do in the event of an emergency are distributed to all students at the start of the course and additional copies can be got from Karin Williams wiia@zhaw.ch


A PDF Housing Fact Sheet is available with advice on how to find accommodation in Switzerland. It contains information, tips and advice for students about finding housing.

A lot of houses, flats and rooms can be found on the vszhaw link . The site shows lists with size and prices. There, look for accommodation in towns such as Au, Horgen, Wädenswil and Richterswil for easy access to the ZHAW. Please note that the ZHAW is not staffed to assist you with finding accommodation. Note: Even though rooms and flats are advertised in German only, people usually speak or at least understand English. 

Students can also consider a short stay at the Youth Hostel in Richterswil, the next town to Wadenswil.  

Some other useful websites are:



The School of Life Sciences and Facilities Management is ISO19001 Accredited. The courses of the IFM have been reviewed by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). The MSc in FM, BSc in FM and the MAS in FM are all fully accredited by IFMA and the Swiss government status.

Addresses – ZHAW

The IFM Building RA address is


     ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management    
     Institute of Facility Management   
     Building RA   
     Campus Reidbach   
     Seestrasse 55   
     8820 Wädenswil   

Note: The official entrance to the RA building is on Einsiedlerstrasse 2.

     Tel. +41 58 934 50 00
     Fax +41 58 934 50 01
     E-mail: info.lsfm@zhaw.ch

Note: The official Postal Address is the Campus Grüental address:

     ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management   
     Campus Grüental    
     8820 Wädenswil   

Zürich (Campus Zentrum)

     ZHAW, Life Sciences and Facility Management
     Institute of Facility Management
     Campus Zentrum
     Lagerstrasse 41
     CH-8004 Zürich

     Tel. +41 58 934 51 00
     Fax +41 58 934 51 01

Information on how to find the campus and information about train and buses servicing the campus are available at the following links:

Wädenswil (PDF 431,4 KB)
Zürich (PDF 245,6 KB)

Alumni Organisation (Networking)

The ZHAW Alumni Organisation can be found under this link.

The Association ALUMNI ZHAW Facility Management (FM) was founded in 2010. It is open to graduates of degree programs of the Institute of Facility Management and the ZHAW the predecessor schools. The ALUMNI ZHAW FM encourages disciplinary and interdisciplinary networking, and training. It strives to represent the interests of its members towards the actors of facility management. The association is growing rapidly and currently has over 400 members.

Application Process

Details regarding the application process for the MSc can be found here


There are several chemists (Apotheke) in Wädenswil. Some can be found at the following addresses:

  • Pill, Oberdorfstrasse 23, Weekdays: 08.00-12.15/13.30-18.30, Saturday: 08.00-16.00
  • Amavita, Bahnhofstrasse 5, Weekdays: 07.30-18.30, Saturday: 07.30-16.00, Sunday: 10.00-12.00
  • Amavita, Zugerstrasse 2, Weekdays: 08.30-18.30, Saturday: 08.00-16.00

A complete list and locations can be found at this link

Art Exhibitions at Grüental Campus

The ZHAW has art exhibitions on the Grüental campus from time to time which students can enter and look at.

Please see this link. Note: text is in German

Assessment of Modules

A description of how each of the Modules are assessed and the marks awarded for the MSc in FM as well as the MSc Thesis Assessment are detailed in the individual Module Descriptions at this link