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Career prospects after your Master in Real Estate and Facility Management

Lay the foundations for a career with excellent prospects.

Real Estate and Facility Management is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification.

With a Master in Real Estate and Facility Management you learn how to manage complexity at the same time as expanding their academic skills. A Master’s qualification is increasingly regarded as an entry-level requirement for management roles, particularly in companies with a global presence. The ever-growing pressure to cut costs and increase productivity means that skilled facility managers are much sought after in both the private and public sectors.

Areas of activity with expert and leadership positions

Master’s graduates have taken on the following expert and leadership roles (i. a.)

  • General contractors
  • FM/total service providers
  • Public real estate management companies
  • Project developers
  • Construction companies, housing cooperatives, real estate agencies
  • Municipal infrastructure companies (public services, post, transport, energy, water)
  • Healthcare providers
  • Financial service providers
  • Industry
  • Research institutes

Other areas of work

  • Teaching and research/development at universities
  • Self-employed roles in new fields of business (consulting, development, services)
  • Specialist functions such as portfolio management
  • Business consultancy