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Master's Thesis

Food and Beverage Innovation

The Master’s thesis is the core of your studies. You select modules from Entrepreneurial Skills and Advanced Life Science Skills at an early stage to prepare you for work on your thesis. From the start you work in a research group at the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation in Wädenswil or in an external company, organisation or research facility. On the basis of your research you provide answers to specific questions and develop concrete solutions that are relevant to the world of work, research and/or society – often in collaboration with national or international partners. In your thesis you provide evidence of the ability to apply the knowledge and competences you have gained in a particular area.

Topics for the Master’s thesis

You choose the topic of your Master’s thesis in one of the research groups shown below. You work with the group, deepen your experimental abilities in your selected area of research and gain detailed insight into the methodologies needed to carry out demanding research projects.

Nutrition and consumer behavior

Topic (examples) Contact
What does the Swiss population eat? Characterization of food consumption
and lifestyle factors in the Swiss language regions.
Janice Sych

Aroma, non-volatile components, process development

Topics (examples) Contact
Smell of hell? Investigations on the aroma-impact of volatile phenols in food and beverages Irene Chetschik
Honour the bean: Molecular characterisation of the flavour profiles of cocoa beans
of different origins
Irene Chetschik
Tilo Hühn
CoCoTea (Cocoa, Coffee, Tea) - Localisation of plant components in the cell by
FT-IR microscopy
Vasilisa Pedan
Tilo Hühn
CoCoTea (Cocoa, Coffee, Tea) - Characterisation of polyphenols using HPTLC-MS
Vasilisa Pedan
CoCoTea (Cocoa, Coffee, Tea) - Isolation and characterization of flavour and health
beneficial components by centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC)
Vasilisa Pedan
Isolation and characterization of plant proteins Vasilisa Pedan
Investigation of the release of herbal raw materials from cosmetic formulations
using diffusion cells and FT-IR microscopy
Vasilisa Pedan
Petra Huber

Food Biotechnology

Topic (examples) Contact
Microbes for Chocolate - Antifungal protective cultures for cocoa bean fermentation
(Honduras, Bolivia)
Susanne Miescher Schwenninger
Simple but effective - Optimization of the post-harvest Process of cocoa beans (Ecuador) Susanne Miescher Schwenninger
The little Defenders - Anti-Listeria active protective cultures for food fermentations Susanne Miescher Schwenninger
Natural Preservation of Bread - Antimicrobial cultures for bakery products Susanne Miescher Schwenninger

Food Technology, process technology and packaging

Topic (examples) Contact
Generating clean label baked goods considering the water activity Mathias Kinner
Crispiness forever Mathias Kinner
Superfoods - Superbreads Mathias Kinner
Dough flow - Influence of raw material's quality and processing
steps on rheological dough properties
Mathias Kinner
Evaluation of the oxygen scavenging activity of active calcium carbonates for food packaging Selçuk Yildirim
Use of active packaging technologies to prolong the shelf life of bakery products Selçuk Yildirim
Application of a palladium-based oxygen scavenger at industrial scale to
prolong the microbial shelf life of grinded cheese
Selçuk Yildirim
Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of active packaging systems based on calcium carbonate Selçuk Yildirim

Sustainability in the fields of food and nutrition

Topic (examples) Contact
ConviFOOD - Are convenience foods better than their reputation? Claudia Müller