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Master's thesis

A thesis in Applied Computational Life Sciences

The Master’s thesis is the scientific core of your studies: you choose your specialist courses with a view to the topic of your thesis, which you determine before starting your studies. Based on the theoretical foundations of the study programme, you answer a specific question in this research field. You work out solutions that are relevant for research, industry and society, often in co-operation with national and international partners. Depending on your topic, you work in a research group at the ZHAW in Wädenswil or externally with an industrial or research partner. Through the thesis you not only demonstrate your knowledge and skills, but also the ability to successfully integrate into a research group and expand your knowledge in your specific field of scientific expertise.

Your track modules and Master's thesis

You apply the computational skills you have acquired in one of the application tracks. A track consists of two track modules worth five credits each and the Master's thesis. The track modules are a personally tailored mixture of lectures and tutorials, organised in close collaboration with your Master's thesis supervisor to provide optimum preparation for your thesis work. During your thesis you are part of a research group at the ZHAW or you can work at an external company, organisation, or research institute in close collaboration with your supervisor at the ZHAW.

Master's thesis topics and supervisors

Before you start your studies you choose your track, your supervisor and the topic of your Master's thesis. Proposed topics are published by accredited supervisors in an online market place on the programme's website, where you can apply for your favourite choice.

This specialisation is an inter-institutional collaboration and, hence, the ZHAW supervisors are associated with a diverse range of institutes. If you are interested in a specific track or topic for your Master's thesis that cannot be found on the market place, you may also contact one of our supervisors directly.

Topics for the Master’s thesis

You select the topic for your Master’s thesis in one of the following tracks:

Genome-oriented Applied Computational Life Sciences

Active molecule-oriented Applied Computational Life Sciences

Process-oriented Applied Computational Life Sciences

Special track

Applications in the Health Domain:

Applications in Biology and Neuroscience:



Applications in Environmental Science and Agriculture:

Applications in Food Industry: