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Graduate Portrait Manuel Boehm Wincasa

Master’s graduates in Facility Management talk about themselves and what they have been doing since their studies


Consulting clients during the design and construction phases of their buildings

«FM as a profession is becoming more and more respected by other industry sectors. The result is that lots of interesting positions and opportunities are emerging for talented young FM professionals. The FM study programme at the IFM equips students with the necessary tools to be able to compete in this industry

Manuel Boehm, Project Manager, Wincasa

Professional career

  • 20 years: Abitur
  • 23 years: Internship at Citrix Systems International GmbH
  • 23 years: Part-time Research Assistant during the studies at the Institute of Facility Management, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
  • 24 years: Studies for Bachelor of Science in Facility Management ZFH
  • 27 years: Studies for Master  of Science in Facility Management ZFH
  • 27 years: Project Manager in Facility Management at Wincasa AG

About the masters programme


  • Why did you choose the FM Master's programme at the ZHAW in Switzerland and what were the main factors that influenced your decision?

By choosing the FM Master's programme I wanted to deepen my strategic understanding of Facility Management (FM) and develop my analytical skills. In addition to my studies I had the opportunity to work at the Institute of Facility Management and conduct research in the field of service value management.

  • What competences are needed to be successful in Facility Management, in your opinion?

To succeed in Facility Management you need a strategic mindset and to be open minded with an understanding of all the stakeholders that are involved in our day-to-day business and projects.

  • How would you explain the profession of Facility Manager?

For me Facility Management is everything that supports the core business of an organisation.

  • What was your experience of the international Master's programme and working together with students of different nationalities?

Meeting many students from many different countries was for me one of the biggest values of this programme. You learn a lot about different cultures and also a lot about yourself.

  • Which situation during your studies was particularly memorable?

I remember our field trip to Madrid where we spent a week focusing on FM in an international setting and all the interesting group works we had during the studies. A well as our study time, I remember a lot of good times with my colleagues we spent together. For example barbequing at the lake.

Profession or career after your studies

Manuel's tasks and activities

  • Where are you working now? 

I am currently working at Wincasa, a Swiss real estate service provider and a group company of Swiss Prime Site, which offers its customers a comprehensive and life-cycle-wide portfolio of services. About 860 specialists at 25 locations offer a broad range of services covering all aspects of real estate. I am working in the department Construction and Facility Management as a Project Manager where I consult our clients during the design and construction phases of their buildings.

  • What are your current areas of activity and responsibilities?

In my position I look after construction sites from 10'000 to 100'000 m2 with mixed use. My aim is to optimise the building from a construction and maintenance perspective. In this context I always try to balance the investors and end-users interests. The topics I deal with are very various. For example accompanying the development of Smartphone Applications to enhance the customer journey in bigger sites, developing logistic and parking concepts or advising the client by investment decisions (due diligence). My projects are all based in Switzerland with a focus on the French and German area.

  • What do you particularly like about your job and what motivates you in your work?

I like the variety of my job and facing new challenges every day, where I can add value to the client's projects. I get to meet many interesting people with different backgrounds and with different interest towards the projects. I like the role of a Facility Manager as we get to act as a translator between all the stakeholders concerns and finding a consensus.

  • What company did you previously work in and what was your position?

Before my present position, I was working as a research assistant in the department business administration/human resources with focus on service value management at the Institute of Facility Management (Zurich University of Applied Sciences). There I was involved in research and development of service projects in the field of facility management and contributing to the research society by presenting findings at conferences and trade fairs for example in Glasgow or Berlin.

  • Routes and detours to where you are now: how did you come to your current job?

Before starting with my Bachelor in FM, I was thinking of possible careers in boat design, architecture or medicine, as those fields are creative and you have lots of interaction with people. I heard about Facility Management the first time on my holidays in Wädenswil and figured that this field is interesting and has many perspectives.

  • What knowledge and skills from your studies are you using today in your professional life?

The skills from my studies, which I'm using in my daily business, are the strategic and analytical thinking, research methods (statistics), applying business models and methods. Furthermore studying in an international context enables to interact and communicate with my international clients.

  • In your view what positive influences can FM have or how can it make a difference, for example in your company or in society?

The positive influence of FM in my field is to bring different stakeholders of a built, or to-be-built environment together and create a common understanding of the needs and interest of the users in the projects.


  • What advice would you give to people studying now?

Be curious and try to find a field in FM, which you're really interested in. Deepen this in your Master Thesis and create hereby an unique selling proposition for the broad FM Market. I also warmly recommend learning a further language and therefore make use of the language courses ZHAW offers (e.g. French).


  • What do you do in your free time to achieve work-life balance?

In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and family by cooking, skiing, running or just enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland.

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About Wincasa

Wincasa. Der führende integrale Immobilien-Dienstleister der Schweiz.

Wincasa, eine Gruppengesellschaft von Swiss Prime Site, bietet seinen Kunden ein umfassendes, lebenszyklusübergreifendes Dienstleistungsportfolio – mit der Expertise von 860 Spezialisten, an 25 Standorten, aus einer Hand.

Dienstleistungsangebot wie Immobilienbewirtschaftung, Immobilienvermarktung, Construction Management, Strategisches Facility Management, Center Management und Mixed-Use Site Management