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Graduate Portrait Daniel Haas EY Stuttgart

Master’s graduates in Facility Management talk about themselves and what they have been doing since their studies

Facility Management consulting at the strategic corporate level

"Business is in a constant state of flux and has become extremely flexible. Competence providers such as Facility Managers must be very adaptable in order to satisfy the requirements of the world of work, whether in big companies, the public sector or large service providers. What is needed are expert Facility Managers who tackle all their challenges with enjoyment and commitment."

Daniel Haas, Consultant for FM & Real Estate Advisor, Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH

Professional career

  • 18 years: Commercial vocational baccalaureate
  • 22 years: BSc in Facility Management, UAS Sigmaringen, followed by part-time work as a research assistant at the ZHAW’s Institute of Facility Management while studying towards a Master’s degree
  • 25 years: MSc in Facility Management ZFH, followed by employment as a consultant at Ernst & Young Stuttgart

    About the masters programme


    1. International setting
    2. Scientific focus
    3. Freedom to immerse oneself in the various areas represented in the Master’s modules

    The ZHAW Master’s is the only one in the FM branch in the German-speaking area that has the above advantages.

    It was a lot of fun and at the same time challenging. We really enjoyed doing group work together, but the international setup and the different personalities and viewpoints meant that things weren’t always easy. Nevertheless, I managed to master the special challenges of this situation, and this has helped me in my work.

    Group work and case studies, because the focus was not only on applying a professional approach to the work, but also on solving real-life problems in an international context.

    1. Methodological competency
    2. Enthusiasm for applying a wide range of management competencies
    3. Staying power in areas of work that are not in your line or may not always be fun

    FM can be many things, and the descriptions in the standards and guidelines are correspondingly varied. I can personally identify with the EN’s definition.

    Profession or career after your studies

    Daniels tasks and activities

    Ernst & Young

    Real Estate GmbH, Stuttgart

    Areas of activity:

    1. FM consulting
    2. Workplace consulting
    3. Real estate consulting
    4. Project control in construction projects
    5. Project management
    6. TGA (technical building equipment) status evaluation during real estate consultations
    7. Maintenance backlog analysis


    1. Workplace design and redesign at EY in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Total area >200thousend m²
    2. Technical Due Diligence Tank and Rast Germany, as well as leading German car manufacturers (> 5 projects)
    3. FM and process consulting in the health care field (3 projects)

    I particularly like the variety of my working day. Due to the different projects I’m involved in, mainly in the German-speaking world at the moment, I work with colleagues from Germany, Switzerland and Austria with different customers and on various issues. The learning curve is getting steeper all the time, but it's a lot of fun to travel and be constantly confronted with a variety of people and levels of experience.

    I worked as an assistant for the IFM at the ZHAW (at the same time as my MSc studies); I learned a lot in this job that is relevant for what I do today.

    I met my current employer at a gala dinner during the Facility Management Exhibition in Frankfurt Main. The Institute of Facility Management at the ZHAW was an exhibitor there.

    I have become much more calm and relaxed: thanks to the international component of the studies I improved my ability to accept things and let them take their course. The social skills that I acquired at the ZHAW help me a great deal in my current job. I didn’t have these skills before my MSc studies, so this aspect of personal development has really helped me.

    I can also use many of the specialist topics we had in the Master's in my work today. My project business is very diverse. What I'm implementing in projects and in terms of project volume today would have been inconceivable during my studies.

    Another point is methodological skills, which I also see as very relevant.

    1. Improvements in the organization and structure of all company processes (directly and indirectly)
    2. Support and alignment of corporate strategy (sustainability, energy efficiency, profitability, etc.)
    3. Customer and employee satisfaction


    I would generally recommend doing a Master's, regardless of your industry, study programme or personal goals.

    This degree is increasingly becoming a requirement, and companies are promoting it, so a lot of weight is being placed on it nowadays.


    Snowboarding, mountain biking, diving, voluntary work for our local fire brigade

    About EY

    Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH’s portfolio includes strategic real estate consulting, property valuation (portfolios), and the structuring and monitoring of transactions. Our range of services is tailored to the strategies of our customers, which include industrial, trade and service organisations (‘corporates’), institutional and private investors, banks and insurance companies, housing associations, public authorities, etc.