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Career prospects after your Master in Facility Management

The Master of Science in Facility Management lays the foundations for a career with excellent prospects.

The Master of Science in Facility Management at ZFH is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification.

Students learn how to manage complexity at the same time as expanding their academic skills. A Master’s qualification is increasingly regarded as an entry-level requirement for management roles, particularly in companies with a global presence. The ever-growing pressure to cut costs and increase productivity means that skilled facility managers are much sought after in both the private and public sectors.

Leading positions

A wide variety of technical and executive roles are therefore open to graduates of the MSc course, for example with: 

Other areas of work

Graduate portrait

Adriana Sanmiguel

Project Support - Transition & Support East

ISS Facility Services AG

Sarah Chapatte

Facilities and Operations Manager

swissnex San Fransisco

Daniel Haas

Consultant für FM & Real Estate Advisory

Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH

Karin Schaad

Senior Business Consultant

ISS Facility Services AG

Manuel Boehm 

Project Manager

Wincasa AG


The Association ALUMNI ZHAW Facility Management (FM) was founded in 2010. It welcomes graduates of study programs of the ZHAW Institute for Facility Management and the preceding schools.
The ALUMNI FM of the ZHAW promotes single discipline and interdisciplinary networking, events as well as education and training. It is committed to representing the interests of its members with respect to stakeholders interested in facility management.

For more information about the Alumni Facility Management please click here.