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Admissions to Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources (MSc ENR)


A prerequisite for the ENR Master's programme is a university of applied sciences degree in Natural Resource Sciences or a related field. Specific expertise and language skills in English and German are tested as part of the individual aptitude testing procedure.

Aptitude testing

The aptitude testing procedure involves the following steps:

  • A qualification interview focused on the selected field / Master Research Unit (MRU):
    suitability for the MRU, academic aptitude and motivation.
  • Review of language skills in German and English.

For applicants who do not fully meet the admission requirements, the programme director may stipulate additional conditions that include providing evidence of competence or completing supplementary tasks.

Language of tuition

The language of tuition for the first semester modules is German and the second semester modules are taught in English. The Master's thesis can, in consultation with the student's supervisor, be written in local languages, English or other languages. Both English and German language skills are required for the study programme. As a reference, students should be able to operate in both languages at level C1.  A language certificate may be required.