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Specialisations in Natural Resource Sciences

By enrolling in the 2nd semester you choose your specialisation. You expand your knowledge and apply it in practice.

Specialisation «Agriculture and Horticulture»

Organic products - as a result of rising demands and high quality standards, the challenges for production, consulting and research are increasing.

Specialisation «Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering»

The residential areas and cities of the future will be designed more sustainably and conforming to natural cycles, which calls for sustainable thinking and creativity.

Specialisation «Nature Management»

Solutions for the sustainable use of the nature and landscapes are in great demand. Here,  balanced consideration of economic, social and ecological factors is indispensable.

Specialisation «Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development»

The focus is on people and how they can be motivated to act in a resource-conserving manner. Sustainability must be rethought and a contribution made to sustainable development.

Specialisation «Urban Ecosystems»

As urbanisation progresses, we face the challenge of developing solutions to reduce negative environmental impacts and improve the quality of life in residential areas.