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Admission to the study programme Natural Resource Sciences

As the course is multidisciplinary, entrants from many different educational backgrounds may apply.

Work Experience

If you are required to gain work experience prior to starting your studies, your previous professional experience will be taken into consideration. Working experience is recognised on a case by case basis.

For this purpose, you are asked to send your curriculum vitae via the online-form or by mail to the Academic office.

If you have any questions concerning work experience, please contact Katharina Genucchi

+41 (0) 58 934 53 87

Choice of business or organisation

You have a free choice of business or organisation, and the work experience can take place in Switzerland or abroad. The duration of the work experience is always calculated for a 100% workload. It must, however, be completed prior to the start of the study programme.

In order to have your internship approved, ask your future employer before entry date to fill in an Agreement on working experience' and send it with the online-form or by mail to the Academic office.

Work experience report

You will be required to prove your work experience with a written report and employment references. In the report you should document your experiences and personal impressions of your everyday work, introduce the company and the industry environment, and demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen field. The extent of the report depends on the duration of work experience.

The written report must be submitted in digital form (PDF) by June 30 to the Academic office. The report is reviewed by the programme director, and a fee of CHF 200.- is charged for this. The employment references must bei submitted to the Academic office prior to the start of the study programme.