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Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Sciences

Study close to practice on issues such as environment, nature, tourism, renewable energies, organic agriculture and horticulture, environmental systems and sustainable development, ecological engineering, nature management or urban ecosystems.

«The degree programme allows me to build up my own experience and help design solutions to the problems facing society today.»

Cornelius Köhler, Student

«We put internationality into practice with a broad range of options for students and lecturers.»

Yvonne Christ, International Coordinator

«The future is happening right here: in the Natural Resource Sciences degree programme you learn how to work with complexity and diversity.»

Hans-Rudolf Keller, Study Advisor

As a Natural Resource Scientist you

  • find unconventional solutions to the challenges that arise where nature and society meet.
  • are actively engaged in the sustainable development of cities and the countryside.
  • help determine the future of resource, energy and land use.
  • put environmentally and socially sustainable solutions into practice.

We offer you

  • an up-to-date, multi-faceted degree programme with high practical relevance.
  • a comprehensive selection of modules for a degree programme tailored to your unique interests and career goals.
  • opportunities for international exchange during your studies.
  • interdisciplinary learning activities, supervised by specialists.

At a glance

Title: Bachelor of Science ZFH in Natural Resource Sciences
Workload: 180 Credits (ECTS)
Duration: 6 semesters (full-time study)
Study options: full- or part-time
Start of studies: autumn
Teaching location: Wädenswil
Language of instruction: German, im the 4th semester partly in Englisch
Study fees: CHF 720.- per semester + additional study-related expenses ...»
Entry requirements: Baccalaureate and one year's practical work experience ...»
Follow-on study programme: Master of Science ZFH in Environment and Natural Resources ...»

Registration deadline: 30th April - register here ...»

Study content

The sustainable production of food, the promotion of renewable energies, the integration of ecological engineering into building and resource life cycles, as well as the future-oriented development of landscapes, urban ecosystems, environmental systems and natural areas are the great challenges of our time.

Study programme Natural Resource Sciences - Specialisation Organic Agriculture and Horticulture: Sustainable agriculture in focus
Study programme Natural Resource Sciences - Specialisation Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering: Innovative Lösungen in einem aktuellen Themenfeld
Study programme Natural Resource Sciences - Specialisation Nature Management: promotion of biodiversity, protection of nature and landscape in the center
Study programme Natural Resource Sciences - Specialisation Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development: Change Agents for sustainability
Study programme Natural Resource Sciences- Specialisation Urban Ecosystems: Developing liveable urban landscapes

Internationality and sustainable development

Study models

The full-time degree programme takes six semesters. There are 30 lessons a week and normally lasts three years. Apart from class instruction at the university, time is allowed for reworking each lesson and preparing for exams at home.

Part-time studies are integrated into the full-time study programme. You receive your own individual timetable and attend the modules only on certain weekdays. Part-time studies take 4 to 6 years to complete, depending on how much you choose to study. For the part-time option, your parallel professional activity needs to be flexible, as classroom teaching does not take place on the same days in each semester. In addition, time must be reserved outside regular study times for fieldwork, project weeks and exam preparation.

The comprehensive range of modules enables you to tailor your studies according to your career goals and interests.

Overview of modules in the Natural Resource Sciences Bachelor’s degree programme: a comprehensive range for tailor-made studies

Practical relevance

Thanks to the close linking of the study programme with the work of research groups at the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences, we can guarantee strong practical relevance. In addition to their teaching commitments, lecturers work on interdisciplinary research and development projects in collaboration with industrial partners and the public domain.

Your classroom studies are complemented on excursions, in project weeks and in the specialisation modules by external specialists, allowing you to work on current issues from practice. In semester assignments and Bachelor’s theses you work independently on topical problems in collaboration with a company or organisation.

Film on the Natural Resource Sciences degree programme

Brochure on the Natural Resource Sciences degree programme

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