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Specialisations in Natural Resource Sciences

There are five specialisations to choose from: Organic Agriculture and Horticulture, Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering, Nature Management, Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development plus Urban Ecosystems.

Specialisation in Organic Agriculture and Horticulture (BLH)

Organic products are the flagships of agricultural production in Switzerland and Europe. For the population in general, organic stands for naturalness, pleasure and a sensible diet. This has resulted in growth in the organic market at home and abroad, which has created challenges for production, consultancy and research.

This specialisation gives you the knowledge you need to further develop organic farming. The focus is on the careful treatment of nature, compliance with social standards and alignment with the requirements of the market.

Educational goals

Specialisation in Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering (EÖ)

The considered use of energy and the recycling of resources are becoming increasingly important. The integration of energy production and storage in buildings and communities, and their link with commodity cycles are important issues regarding the future.

In this specialisation, you will acquire the skills to devise, design, and evaluate creative solutions concerning such issues, and to carry them out and provide advisory support.

The degree «Bachelor of Science ZFH in Natural Resource Sciences with Specialisation in Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering» is recognised as a professional accreditation for the field of photovoltaics.

Educational goals

Specialisation in Nature Management (NM)

A major challenge of our time is to reconcile the needs of nature with those of modern society. In the Nature Management specialisation, students learn, based on real life examples, how to find practical solutions for the sustainable use of nature and landscapes that serve the goal of long-term conservation or revitalisation.

Using appropriate methods, you work in complex fields such as wildlife conservation and species recovery, water and soil systems, and environmental and landscape planning, in both developed and developing countries. In the process you assign equal value to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Educational goals

Specialisation in Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development (UNE)

Would you like to rethink sustainability and contribute to sustainable development? Then the specialisation Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development is just right for you.

This specialisation focuses on humans and how they can be motivated to act in a way that conserves resources. As a change maker, you will learn to initiate, accompany and communicate sustainable development. You will acquire the tools to implement projects for visible sustainability in companies, organisations and regions and develop innovative sustainability solutions in our partner region in cooperation with local actors.

Educational goals

Specialisation in Urban Ecosystems (UÖ)

On a worldwide basis, more and more people are living in cities. The resulting progressive urbanisation is increasing the pressure on urban ecosystems. This presents cities and agglomerations with diverse challenges, such as a decline in biodiversity, the impacts of climate change, resource shortages, and increasing population density.

In this specialisation, you learn to develop solutions to reduce negative environmental impact and to improve the quality of life for humans and wildlife in urban areas. Using scientific, technical and planning methods you work on sustainable, natural and resource efficient development of urban landscapes.

Educational goals