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Career prospects after the degree programme Natural Resource Sciences

«The studies Natural Resource Sciences is as diverse as me myself.»

Barbara Krummenacher, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt für Wald Schnee und Landschaft

«Thanks to my studies, I have a broad knowledge in the environmental field, which is essential for my profession.»

Christoph Jegge, Vogler Consulting

«Natural Resource Sciences is a diverse and interesting study for landscape and nature lovers.»

Cornelia Lohri, Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten

A sustainable future

The labour market in the environmental sector is diverse, constantly changing and requires both generalists with broad and networked knowledge as well as specialist professionals.

The Bachelor's degree programme at the ZHAW leads to a professionally recognised qualification and, due to its practical orientation, opens up many career opportunities, whether as an employee in a private company, public administration or non-profit organisation, or as an independent entrepreneur.

Depending on your specialisation, you will work in different fields of activities.

Specialisation in Organic Agriculture and Horticulture (BLH)

You are involved along the entire value chain of organic products. Your expertise enables you to work for the following employers and to make agricultural production systems sustainable. 

  • Agricultural research, consulting and educational institutions
  • Vegetable, fruit, wine and ornamental plant production 
  • Operations focusing on animal husbandry, feed and cultivation
  • Organisations trading and marketing agricultural goods
  • Public agricultural institutions and association 
Beatrice Gut

Managing director, zuger-rigi-chriesi AG, Rotkreuz

Marcel Tanner

Project manager R&D, Andermatt Biocontrol AG, Grossdietwil

Daniel Bachmann

Research fellow, Strickhof, Wülfingen

Specialisation in Renewable Energies and Ecological Engineering (EÖ)

You will be working in fields of renewable energy supply and projects related to sustainable resources and circulatory systems. Employers are:

  • Centres of expertise for sustainable energies at federal, cantonal and community levels 
  • Energy consulting and ecological engineering offices at national and international level
  • Environmental and research institutes 
  • Start-ups in the areas of renewable energies, materials management and ecological
  • Construction firms focusing on sustainable building
Raphael Frei

Managing director and project manager, Visaplanum GmbH, Wettswil

Devi Bühler

Independent entrepreneur, Synergy Village, Feldbach

Ruedi Schmid

Managing director, clevergie gmbh, Wyssachen

Specialisation in Nature Management (NM)

You will be working in areas of activities relating to wildlife and species conservation, water and soil systems, environmental and landscape planning. Employers are:

  • Environmental consulting and Engineering offices 
  • Centres of expertise for landscape, environment, nature protection, hunting and
    fishing at federal, cantonal and community levels
  • Administrative offices for nature reserves and nature parks 
  • Institutes for nature and landscape research 
  • Environmental organisations and foundations involved in nature and landscape
Adrian Wäckerlin

Project manager, Bau- und Umweltchemie AG, Zürich

Nora Hug

Project manager, Pro Natura Zürich, Zürich

Damian Engler

Environmental engineer, FKL & Partner AG, Grabs

Specialisation Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development

Silvie Schaufelberger (-Mösch)

Project manager, Naturpark Beverin, Wergenstein

Roger Schärer

Co-founder, sinndrinn genossenschaft, Zürich

Katharina Fries

Project manager, WWF Regiobüro, St. Gallen

Specialisation in Urban Ecosystems (UÖ)

You will be working in the fields of applied urban ecology. Employers are:

  • Offices for nature protection, environmental consulting and ecology
  • Landscape architecture offices, spatial and environmental planning companies
  • Centres of expertise at federal, cantonal and community levels for nature protection,
    planning, construction, management and maintenance
  • Research and educational institutions involved in urban ecology and biodiversity
Christian Buehrle

Project manager, ASC Schweiz, Winterthur

Toby Abt

Head of department urban green, Gemeinde Muttenz

Rita Bollmann

Consultant, quadra gmbh, Zürich