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Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation

From concept to consumer: Development of value-added and market-driven food products.

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Changing consumer behaviour and social change are always stimulating new, innovative solutions in the food and beverage industry: new raw materials are continually being discovered and novel technologies developed. Health considerations, demographic changes and “life style” choices affect the purchasing decisions of consumers.


The objective of the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI)  when undertaking product and process development is to consider the entire value chain from raw materials to consumers and in particular the four critical dimensions of the environment, the effect on society, the economic impact and consumer health. In so doing the nutritional, hygienic and technological requirements are considered together with quality standards, ecology and logistics.

Our areas of research

The nine specialist teams in our two centres of competence offer application-oriented research, development and related services in the following four research areas:

Consumer needs

Investigation of sensory preferences and dietary patterns in the context of demographic changes.
Development of nutrition concepts for specific target groups.


Development and optimisation of processes and products with the goal of extracting, generating or increasing value-defining ingredients, and protecting these ingredients from destruction by biotic and abiotic influences.

Shelf life and security

Development and optimisation of processing or packaging technology with the goal of increasing the shelf life and quality of food and to ensure its safety.


Our research teams

The consumer demand for enjoyable, safe and healthy food requires the continuing development of innovative food processes and products, for which a diverse range of skills and expertise is required. Our research teams have in-depth expertise in the following areas: 

/ Nutrition and consumer science 

/ Food safety and shelf life 

/ Quality management and food law 

/ Process and product development 

/ Packaging and logistics 

/ Ingredients, aroma analysis, sensory 

The nine specialist research teams are your trusted project partners. Their many years of experience, the testimonials from successful industrial projects and their access to current research and development programmes ensure that your projects will be completed efficiently utilising the most up-to-date technology and Information.


Our optimal infrastructure ensures that all application-oriented research and development projects are completed competently and effectively. The Institute has pilot plant and associated technical facilities in the fields of food technology/process engineering, packaging technology, bakery technology, beverage technology, chocolate technology, extraction and decanter technology, in addition to expertise in the fundamental processes used in the processing and production of food products. Comprehensive analyses in microbiology and molecular biology, flavour and ingredients, physics and sensory are carried out in well equipped, state-of-the art-laboratories. A “Metabolic Unit" (a space designed to simulate actual practice) is used to conduct nutrition surveys, and a panel of senior citizens is also available to examine nutritional issues relating specifically to our demographically changing society.

Forms of collaboration

Research and services projects

Student projects

As part of their studies, our Bachelor and Master students complete short term projects on the questions or problems encountered in practice. Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of our lecturers and their professional support, you receive meaningful and implementable results for which you pay only an administration fee. As a result of their involvement in the research activities of the Institute, our students are continually exposed to the latest research while gaining practical experience from the food industry.

 The following types of student projects are possible:  

  • Semester thesis (5th Semester): ca. 15 business days  between September and December
  • Bachelor thesis (6th Semester): ca. 60 business days  between March and September
  • Master thesis: ca. 150 business days, start and completion of project can be determined on an individual Basis.

Project Collaboration

Are you interested in project collaboration? Please contact us!