Curricular Elements

The call supports development of curricular elements aiming at a long-term integration of biocatalysis in life sciences education to facilitate the use of enzyme systems for modern production processes.

Four projects were selected for funding

Projects funded

A working group with representatives from academia and industry reviewed the proposals and based on their recommendation the Scientific Board decided to fund four projects

    Call "Curricular Elements"

    The call will support development of Curricular Elements aiming at a long-term integration of biocatalysis in life sciences education to facilitate the use of enzyme systems for modern production processes. Curricular Elements should target BSc/MSc and continuing education levels.

    Curricular Elements could be (but are not limited to)

    • New practical and theoretical courses, also employing innovative teaching formats
    • Integration of new biocatalytic elements into existing courses
    • Integration of nationally distributed competences into joint curricular elements (across institutions and/or across locations)

    Content could include

    • Expanding retrosynthesis by including biocatalytic elements
    • Exploring the regulatory and IP space as well as fundamental elements of economic feasibility of biocatalysis
    • Integrative approaches ranging from gene to final product
    • Adapting industrial case studies to teachable formats
    • Novel approaches to maintain and advance core competences in biocatalysis (e.g. directed enzyme evolution, chemical and process engineering as well as downstream processing)

    Submitting a Proposal

    Proposals must be written in English and contain the following information and documents:

    • one page summary of the development idea for the Curricular Elements including clear description of objectives pertinent to the call 
    • project description (max. 5 pages) covering
      - Description of the current curriculum/ situation and its limitations
      - Description of the proposed project and expected impact for relevant stakeholder
      - Detailed project plan with goals, approaches and outcomes
    • Timeline, milestones and deliverables indicating complementary and expected synergies between collaborators (maximum 1 page)
    • Budget (1 page)
    • CV of the applicant(s) (maximum 1 page per applicant)
    • Letter of support from an authorized signatory of host institute confirming 50:50 co-financing of the project by the hosting research institute.


    The evaluation and monitoring of the call will be carried out by the Working Group "Curricular Elements".

    The panel is composed of members from Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities and ETHs as well as industry representatives. Further representatives can be called in depending on the expertise needed to evaluate the proposals submitted in the call.

    The Working Group will evaluate submitted proposals, rank projects according to their value, and prepare recommendations to the Scientific Board who has the final decision on funding. 

    During the program the Working Group will monitor project progress and make recommendations about continuation of the projects.