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The Competence Center for Biocatalysis (CCBIO) together with its members facilitates the transfer of biocatalytic know-how from the academic laboratory to industrial application.

Our main goals are

  • Establish biocatalysis as an alternative to classical chemical synthesis
  • Develop a comprehensive biocatalytic toolbox consisting of enzyme libraries and methods
  • Facilitate the development of biocatalytic and biosynthetic processes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Establish a national platform for scientific knowledge transfer and dialog for participants from industry and academia
  • Strengthen the topic of biocatalysis within the teaching portfolio of Swiss Universities

Our Expertise

New Biocatalysts & Application

  • (meta)-genomic mining
  • enzyme design & evolution
  • enzyme cascades
  • hybrid processes

Production & DSP

  • standardized & emerging expression systems
  • fermentation optimization
  • enzyme purification & characterization
  • enzyme immobilization


  • enzyme identification
  • proof-of-concept 
  • process optimization
  • process safety & analytics - reactor design
  • downstream processing

Our Equipment

Our Programming Tools

The following programs are used to model and show the structures of wild-type and mutant enzymes