Reference Projects

Research Group for Urban Ecology

Preservation and re-creation of orchid roofs

Orchids have been shown to colonise roof gardens. In this project propagation and resettlement processes are being developed for orchids. These are used for planning and systematically settling this very attractive plant species on suitable roof locations.

Project partners: Centre for Nature and Landscape of the City of St.Gallen, Grünstadt Zurich, SBB Real Estate

Client: Centre for Nature and Landscape of the City of St.Gallen

Duration: 2011-14, continuation planned

Further information: project report

‘Green carpet’ - Green Roofs on the Basel tram depot

The aim of the project was to design the roof of the new tram depot near the Wiesenplatz in Basel as a roof meadow or ‘green carpet’. The Research Group for Urban Ecology has developed the green roof lightweight construction concept for this wooden roof structure and is supporting its implementation. Sowing is being carried out using a direct sowing process with cuttings from a nature reserve.

Project partners: Basler Transport BVB, Baader Architects

Client: Baader Architects 

Duration: 2011-12

‘Up on the Roof’ - EU Lifelong Learning Project

The goal of the project is to develop customised course programmes and seminars for partner countries in order to promote the combination of solar energy, biodiverse green roofs, and pollinators. This is an innovative training programme for European contractual partners and is designed to develop new skills and promote new jobs.

Project partners: Sound Garden Kft, BOKU, INIT environment, ENIAC, Scandinavian Green Roof Institute

Funding: EU Lifelong Long Learning 

Duration: January 2013 - December 2015

Further information: