Research Group for Regional Development

The role of the Research Group for Regional Development at ZHAW is to facilitate and support processes and projects in rural areas, both nationally and internationally. Our approach is geared to the needs of local stakeholders, while our strategies and their priorities harness regional potential in terms of nature, the environment and agriculture as well as culture and customs.

Research interests

  • Identifying and capitalising on endogenous potential with a view to future-proof development
  • Initiating and supporting activation processes and attitude changes in rural areas
  • Providing key prerequisites and support for cooperation processes
  • Using a holistic development approach in order to capitalise on regional social capital
  • Impact-oriented, cross-sectoral project management

Our competences

  • Consultancy services for municipalities, regions and stakeholder groups with a view to brainstorming, developing and implementing future-proof regional development projects
  • Inclusive regional development concepts
  • Networking and the establishment of cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Contract- and service-based project management