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Studies and continuing education in viticulture

Young vines
Hands-on teaching in the class room
Photosynthesis measurement
Phylloxera leaf gall after Movento treatment
Around the trunk grass mower - prototype



The Viticulture Research Group leads the «Organic Horticulture 1» and «Organic Horticulture 2» modules for students specialising in organic farming, as well as the mandatory elective module «Plant Physiology and Nutrition».

Modul Organic Horticulture 1

The module provides an overview of the complex systems required to cultivate fruit, vegetables, vines and ornamental plants, with a focus on crop management methods which save resources and are tailored to regional soil and climate conditions. Students will expand their knowledge and skills during field trips and in hands-on sessions

Modul Organic Horticulture 2

The main focus of this module is the conversion of a farm to organic practices, based around a real-life example. Students will analyse the farm, identify its weak points and develop solutions for the most pressing problems, as well as learning to use the relevant methodological approaches, for example plant protection strategies or biodiversity assessments for agri-ecosystems.

Modul Plant Physiology and Nutrition

The «Plant Physiology and Nutrition» module covers the development of plants and their complex interrelationships with a changing environment. Sometimes even small changes can have significant impacts, and generalisations often fall foul to hidden interdependencies. Students will become familiar with the most important processes and learn how to transfer or apply these processes to specific systems and situations.

Bachelor’s theses

Bachelor’s theses completed to date in the areas covered by the Viticulture Research Group include the following:


At the Moment the following master theses of the Viticulture Research Group are ongoing:

Completed successfully master theses:

Continuing education

Wädenswiler Wine Days
…is the leading training event for winegrowers and wine technicians in German-speaking Switzerland, but also an opportunity for consultants, teachers, heads of cantonal authorities, scientists, industry representatives, experts and anyone interested in wine to learn more about the issues of the day.

Viticulture Course
This course is aimed at winegrowers tending small plots and wine lovers who want to find out more about the subject. It takes place on nine days spread over the winegrower’s year, with classroom-based sessions covering the relevant background information in the mornings and hands-on experience in the vineyard in the afternoons. Information for the presently running course may be found here.

Advanced Viticulture Course
This advanced one-day course is aimed at graduates of the nine-day basic course. The morning is spent discussing current issues and answering participants’ questions, while the afternoon provides hand-on experience of vine pruning.