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Regional Development Research Group

Picture of a bridge near Altenburg in the Nature Park Schaffhausen. Picture: Renato Bagattini
Bridge near Altenburg in the Schaffhausen Nature Park. Picture: Renato Bagattini
Picture of the village Altdorf (Schaffhausen) in the Nature Park Schaffhausen
Altdorf (Schaffhausen) in the Schaffhausen Nature Park. Picture: Bianca Haselbeck
Picture of a corporate volunteering day in a Swiss Nature Park
Corporate Volunteering in a Swiss Nature Park. Picture: Aline Oertli

The role of the ZHAW Regional Development Research Group is to facilitate and support processes and projects in rural areas, both nationally and internationally. Our approach focuses on the needs of local stakeholders, and our activities and expertise harness regional potential in terms of nature, the environment, agriculture, culture and customs. Research in the field of cultural landscapes is a principal focus for the group.

Research interests

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