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Horticulture Research Group

Strawberries in the cultivation laboratory | Hansruedi Keller
Karotten einer alten Sorte. Farbe und Form unterscheidet sich von jenen, die am häufigsten angebaut und gegessen werden.
Preserving and stimulating genetic diversity | Jürg Boos
Weihnachtssterne wachsen in Töpfen mit verschieden hohem Torfanteil.
Peat-reduced substrate testing with poinsettias | Hansruedi Keller
Measuring grapevine photosynthesis in a pilot project on the Au peninsula | Johannes Fahrentrapp
Verschieden grosse Knollen der Zierpflanze Gloriosa, welche in vitro vermehrt wurden.
Young gloriosa tubers produced in vitro | Elena Rios

The ZHAW Horticulture Research Group is engaged in research and development activities related to fruit, vegetable and ornamental plant production, renewable resources and viticulture. Resource conservation, high culinary value, authentic produce and innovative cultivation systems are at the heart of our work.

Close proximity to the real world and an extensive research and consulting network characterise the Research Group's projects and services. Among others, current projects include: peat-reduced growing media, horticultural genetic resources conservation (old or special varieties and types), disease and pest monitoring, agroforestry systems and pesticide reduction in the cultivation of ornamental plants and vegetable farming.