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Study and continuing education in Geography of Food

Bachelor modules

The Geography of Food Research Group leads the following UNR Bachelor modules:

Module: World Food Systems

Feeding the world sustainably is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. How will the global food system develop and what strategies are necessary to produce enough food without destroying the resource base? In this module, we explore these questions and dare to look into the future.

Minor module: Life Cycle Assessment and Label Management

In this module you can use your previous knowledge from the preceding minor modules to understand, question and practice the communication of sustainability aspects. With the practical implementation of life cycle assessments or label evaluations, the importance of sustainability becomes tangible. In discussions with experts from business, science and politics, you will learn about the possibilities and limits of measurability, verifiability and communication of sustainability.

Module: International Virtual Course

Global challenges require international cooperation at eye level and innovative solution strategies. In this course you will learn about the impacts and challenges of climate change with a focus on agrofood systems in different geographical settings and elaborate possible solutions in international teams. Apart from the preparation from a local perspective, you will be connected to and work together with our partners from the Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados in Brazil, the University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore in India and the University of Nairobi in Kenya.
More information about the International Virtual Course

Designing Sustainable Food Systems

How can food value chains be designed to contribute to sustainable development? The first part of this module, an eLearning course, provides insights into the sustainability of the global food system, the role of food value chains and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the second part, students analyse an existing value chain and outline possible strategies for sustainable development.

Master’s degree programme

The Geography of Food Research Group leads the following modules in the Master’s programme

Agrofoodsystem and Chains

Food systems are the basis of our nutrition, elementary components of the environment and our society, and important drivers of the global economic system. In this module, students acquire strategies – from production to consumption  – to satisfy the multiple requirements of a sustainable food system.

Natural Resource Management in Emerging Economies

This module takes an interdisciplinary approach to the management of natural resources in emerging and developing economies. You will learn about theories and approaches to development and development interventions, the particular challenges of natural resource management in developing and emerging economies and study practical examples from different regions in the world.

Modul Agrobiodiversity Summer School

Would you like to learn more about agrobiodiversity and how it contributes to site-adapted and resilient land use systems? Visit our Summer School!

Registration information and course details can be found at the following link:

Further information and registration (English only)

Further education

The Geography of Food Research Group leads the module "Geography of Food" in the CAS in Food Responsibility of foodward. You can find more information on the following website:

Programme of the module «Geography of Food» im CAS in Food Responsibility