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Social Sustainability

The research field Social Sustainability deals with the assessment of social sustainability in food production.

Reference projects

Cocoa in Numbers - From data to knowledge

The demand for transparent information from cultivation to ready-to-consume chocolate is growing. We investigate the socio-economic conditions along the value chain using the example of cocoa from the Alto Beni region in Bolivia. Our data flows into a comprehensive database. It combines data on the value chain of cacao from Alto Beni from different scientific perspectives: socio-economic, ecological and agronomic data, as well as data on food microbiology/biotechnology/sensor technology and food quality.

Transfood - Improving sustainability impacts of transnational food value chains

What impact does the import of food have on the environment and society in the producing countries? As part of the Transfood project, an interdisciplinary research cooperation was established with the Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados, which aims to analyse the sustainability impacts of transnational value chains.