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Geography of Food Research Group

Sustainability transformation in agriculture and food systems

Our Goals

Our food system is facing major challenges that require fundamental transformations on the production and consumption side. With our work, we want to help shape the food system of the future locally and globally and strengthen resilience, sustainability and diversity in the system. As an interdisciplinary team, we combine natural and social science perspectives. We research and develop possible solutions from farm to fork. 

Our competencies in the food system include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative social research on sustainability assessment and systems analysis.
  • Concept development for sustainability transformation at the individual and societal level
  • Participatory methods for developing and evaluating transformative processes
  • Spatial suitability analyses for sustainable production systems and niche cultures
  • Foresight studies and scenario development
  • Value chain mapping, analysis and design
  • Awareness raising and education through scientainment and gamification

Research Focus

Agriculture and Climate Change
Assessment and development of agro-ecological approaches for climate protection and adaptation to climate change

Examples of projects: CONSUS, International Virtual Course 

Regional Food Systems
Analysis of regional food systems and value chains and development of future scenarios

Example of projects: MOVING, Feedstuff Study Switzerland

Sustainable Consumption
Development of strategies for more sustainable consumption decisions and label assessments

Example of projects: Novanimal, WWF Label Evaluation 

Social Sustainability
Assessment of social sustainability in food production 

Examples of projects: Cocoa in Numbers, Transfood


The Geography of Food Research Group is interdisciplinary and international. Below you will find a list of the current partners.