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Research interests

Agricultural and Resource Economics Research Group

Productivity and Sustainability in Food Supply Chains

An increasing global population, scarcity of natural resources, and environmental and climatic constraints challenge agricultural sector. Substantial productivity improvements are required if more food and fiber is to be produced with fewer resources. In this research area, we measure productivity growth in agriculture and the food industry and explain its sources and determinants. We also study causal links between productivity and sustainability along agri-food value chains.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Raushan Bokusheva

Economics of Climate Change and Risk Management

Due to agriculture’s direct link to weather, it is one of the economic activities which is expected to be most strongly affected by climate change. In our research, we apply statistical approaches to assess the climate change impact on agriculture and to study options for adaptation and mitigation. We also study  and evaluate options for reducing farm exposure to extreme weather events.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Raushan Bokusheva; Dr. Martina Bozzola

Innovation and Behavioural Aspects of Decision Making

Farm investment and innovations are essential for enhancing productivity growth and improving the economic and environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector. In this research area, we appraise the effectiveness of agricultural innovation systems and evaluate the potential of improving farmers’ access to innovations. We also seek to understand farmers’ investment and innovation decisions and determine their willingness to pay for innovative technologies. We use approaches from behavioural economics to understand and analyse decision-making processes in agri-food value chains.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Raushan Bokusheva; Dr. Martina Bozzola

Environmental Valuation

In this research area, we develop and apply techniques to valuate a range of non-market goods and services of relevance for climate regulation, water and air quality as well as for economic activities. We also evaluate measures allowing effectively link ecosystem services´ demand and supply.

Contact: Dr. Martina Bozzola