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Centre Environmental and Agrofood Systems

«We advocate for increased regional sustainability, which requires creative solutions in the fields of nutrition, food production and tourism.»

Rolf Krebs

The Centre for Environmental and Agrofood Systems deals with sustainability issues in the areas of Food Systems, Regional Development and Tourism. In order to secure food and its production base, more resource-friendly practices are necessary in agriculture and downstream value-added sectors. The same applies to the management of cultivated landscapes, and the design of agro-tourism services and regional products. This facilitates sustainable tourism in rural areas and creates the basis for parks of national importance. Appropriate communication measures, the modelling of new approaches and innovations promote the sustainable transformation of environmental and agrofood systems.

Research Units and Research Groups

Research Unit Organic Agriculture

Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology
Decoding of living processes, ranging from gene functions and gene expression analysis to the investigation of all proteins present in a cell at a particular time.

Investigation of issues relating to the production of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants, with a focus on resource conservation, enjoyment value and authentic products.

Development of sustainable solutions to plant protection problems relating to fruit growing, viticulture and horticulture as well as ornamental plants, urban green spaces and special crops. (Website in German only)

Research Unit Sustainability Transformation

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Development of solutions to critical issues in agricultural and development policy; support of decision-makers from policy, industry and civil society in planning and implementing strategic decisions.

Geography of Food
Focus on local and global questions on the sustainability of agricultural and food systems; the aim is to optimise the ecological, social and economic impact of the whole value chain.

Sustainability Communication and Environmental Education
Website in German only


Regional Development
Facilitation and support of processes and projects in rural areas, both nationally and internationally; the focus is on the needs of local stakeholders.

Research Unit Tourism and Sustainable Development

Tourism and Sustainable Development
The focus is on nature-based and cultural tourism as a tool for sustainable regional development in rural areas.